Amaran: Sivakarthikeyan's title teaser & all about Major Mukund Varadarajan

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Feb/2024

The title of actor Sivakarthikeyan's 21st movie which went by SK 21, was revealed to be Amaran earlier this evening, and Amaran's title teaser featuring the lead actor Sivakarthikeyan as martyred Indian army major Mukund Varadarajan AC, was unveiled. Amaran with dialogues and direction by Rajkumar Periyasamy is based on the fourth recipient of the Ashoka Chakra* from the state of Tamil Nadu.

In 2014, just 2 weeks after turning 31 major Mukund Varadarajan of the 44 Rashtriya Rifles deployed at Shopian, South Kashmir achieved martyrdom battling Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists in a fierce encounter. The Professors Colony, East Tambaram resident from Chennai, was surivived by his wife, a 3 year old daughter and both parents at that time.  

10 years ago when the Indian Army was clearing a South Kashmir village of separatist terrorists, they had come under heavy fire out of the blue. Mukund Varadarajan and Sepoy Vikram Singh responded swiftly to the bullets coming from a singular house, and taking advantage of the dark, had crawled through an orchard in front of the house to take on the firing guns.


Instantly recognizing the most wanted faces from Hizbul Mujahideen - an Islamist militant organization whose goal is to separate Kashmir from India and merge it with Pakistan, Mukund Varadarajan tried eliminating the commander but ended up eliminating three top ranked terrorists instead, and also loosing himself and Vikram in the process.


Mukund Varadarajan's loss along with Sepoy Vikram Singh's had garnered national attention at that time, especially since no wreath was placed on behalf of the President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister, state Chief Minister, or even the District Magistrate during their cremations. Later, Mukund Varadarajan was posthumously awarded *India's highest peacetime military gallantry award for 'displaying valour beyond call of duty', and Vikram Singh the Shaurya Chakra. 

The one and a half minute Amaran title teaser effectively captures the drive and zeal behind the fateful April 25, 2014 in Shopian, Kashmir, 5 years before the 2019 reconstitution of the Jammu and Kashmir state into 2 union territories - Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh. 

Produced by Kamal Haasan's Raajkamal Films International, Sony Pictures International Productions and God Bless Entertainment, Amaran also stars Sai Pallavi in the lead. The film's technical crew includes GV Prakash for music, CH Sai for cinematography,  Stefan Richter for action,  R. Kalaivannan for edits,  Sherif for choreography,  Rajeevan for production design and Kabilan for publicity design. 

Amaran's OTT rights are with Netflix and post the film's theatrical run, it will make its digital premiere in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi languages. Amaran's first look and title teaser was unveiled in lieu of Sivakarthkeyan's 39th birthday on February 17, 2024. 

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