Actor Vinayakan talks Jailer Varman, remuneration, Rajinikanth & more!

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Sep/2023

Actor Vinayakan talks Jailer Varman, remuneration, Rajinikanth & more!

Jailer starring Rajinikanth in the lead is one of the biggest blockbusters to come out of Tamil cinema in 2023, and Malayalam actor Vinayakan had played the role of the ruthless villain Varman in it. Vinayakan was praised for his portrayal of Varman by both critics and audience, and the general agreement is that besides Rajinikanth, music composer Anirudh, director Nelson Dilipkumar, actress Tamannaah Bhatia, actor Vinayakan's was one of the top contributions to Jailer


Recently rumours were afloat that this Mollywood performer was paid only Rs. 35 lakh for his character in Jailer, and the makers neither shared profits from the Rs. 600 Cr+ gross nor gave any special gifts like a luxury car or gold coin to Vinayakan. The actor promptly cleared up these allegations and stated in a recent interview,


"Contrary to the rumours, I wasn't paid 35 lakhs for Jailer. I hope the producer isn't hearing this. I received three times that amount. The Rs 35 lakh rumour was the work of certain mischief-makers back home. In any case, I received much more than that. They gave me exactly what I asked for. I was treated like royalty on the sets and was compensated well."



Gold coins to the Jailer cast and crew was given at the Jailer success meet in Chennai which Vinayakan did not attend. The luxury cars from Sun Pictures Kalanithi Maran was given only to Rajinikanth, director Nelson and composer Anirudh and no one else from Jailer's cast and crew. In the same interview, Vinayakan also opened up on his equation with Superstar Rajinikanth and said,


"He's not an actor, to me. He's my God. I have been his follower for 25-30 years. He's not just a human for, me he's my Baba..Every single day he would ask for me on the sets, and hugged me."


About his preparation for getting into the Varman character, Vinayakan said, "Every character needs space and for this (villain Varman character) they had huge space. First of all, they studied and programmed the character quite clearly. I worked on this for a year. Because of this, I didn't take up other projects". It is worth mentioning here that Rajinikanth too had spoken highly of the Varman villain character and actor Vinayakan's embodiment of it at the Jailer success meet. The star actor had said,

"I had said this (to director Nelson) that Varma (villain character played by actor Vinayakan in Jailer) will become as much of a sensation as Sholay's Gabbar Singh (iconic villain character played by late Bollywood actor, director Amjad Khan in the 1975 Hindi movie). Vinayakan is not here today; He was superb. Ramayanam gets its glory and respect because of someone like Raavanan. Similarly Jailer gets its respect because of Varma. His performance was that good."

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