Decoding Thalapathy 67: Fan theories & LCU hints

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/Feb/2023

Decoding Thalapathy 67: Fan theories & LCU hints

The title of Thalapathy 67 is all set to be revealed with a teaser video on Sony Music South's Youtube channel at 5 PM today, and so far the makers have unveiled ample promotional material for netizens to decode and theorize about. Thalapathy 67 pooja video revealed that actor George Maryan who played police constable Napoleon in Kaithi (2019) is part of the Vijay movie. A newer video of the Thalapathy 67 crew travelling to Kashmir, added that actress Vasanthi who played agent Tina in Vikram (2022) is also part of the film.



This has given netizens ample ammunition to theorize that Thalapathy 67 is indeed part of the cinematic universe director Lokesh created with Kaithi and Vikram. It is being said that the events of Thalapathy 67 takes place after the Karthi starrer Kaithi but before Vikram; in short the Vijay starrer can be summed up as a prequel to Agent Tina one witnessed in the Kamal Haasan starrer Vikram.


Additionally eagle eyed fans (pun intended) have noticed that Vijay's first look sketch seems to be emulating an eagle; The eagle is coming was the catchphrase of Kamal Haasan's character in Vikram.  They also seem to think that Thalapathy 67 title poster emulates a scorpion, which was tattooed on the drug dealers of both Kaithi and Vikram, who is managed by 'the ghost' aka Rolex (played by Suriya).  



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