Beginning Review - Uniquely Gripping Thriller!

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Jan/2023

Beginning Review - Uniquely Gripping Thriller!

Beginning Review - Uniquely Gripping Thriller!

Ashwin Ram

Beginning is Asia’s first split-screen movie. The film stars Vinoth Kishan, Gouri Kishan and Rohini in the roles. Directed by debutant Jagan Vijaya and the film is presented by Tirupathi Brothers N. Lingusamy.



Vinoth Kishan is mentally unstable and he is under house arrest. In the other track, Gauri Kishan is kidnapped by a few strangers and seeking help. Both stories are presented in split screens and collide at a point, what happens after that forms the remaining story.


Writing/ Direction:

Truly in awe with the cracker of a narrative concept. The unique presentation style creates curiosity right from the start of the film. The stories are simplistic, yet highly relatable, we start to root for the characters after a point. Though it sounds like an art-film-like idea, the plot is mainstream and the screenplay is commercially viable. The film starts by establishing the happenings in a slow yet steady manner. After both the stories are linked, the flow is very interesting and moves us to the edge of our seats at places too. The conversations between the two leads are superb and lively, the director exhibits his immense talent while handling these portions. Also it was easy to concentrate on one side at a time, as it was intended. Hard-hitting in a couple of spots, at the same time there are some clap worthy moments when the characters we root for win the battle. There are flaws here and there, especially towards the end. A few portions are dry, slightly boring and are stretched a bit long to give a realistic feel. Although the ending is sweet, the climax and what leads to it is a little too much, coincidence has been overdone and hence the sequence loses the believability factor.



Vinoth Kishan has gone to the thick of his character and lived in his role. Probably it's the right time to say he is such a good underrated performer… Naan Mahaan Alla, Andhagaram and this. Gauri Kishan has done a great job as well, her acting is very natural and she is outstanding in her talkie portions. The villain character works out as his behaviour is creepy enough to bring the weirdness to the subject. Rohini does a neat job with her limited screen time.



It’s quite easy to shoot, both the stories happen inside two different houses, neat work by the cameraman, trying to differentiate between the two as much as possible. Good background score which was only helpful to elevate the mood, silence was maintained whenever required. Brilliantly edited, if not for that, the film would not have been this seamless.



Simple yet an impactful flick that is narrated in a new-age pattern. Just because the approach is experimental, it doesn’t stop itself to be just that. Despite flaws, it lands as a largely satisfying tale.


Rating - 3.25/ 5

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