Thunivu inspires Dindigul youth to attempt daylight bank robbery!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Jan/2023

Thunivu inspires Dindigul youth to attempt daylight bank robbery!

Actor Ajith Kumar and director H. Vinoth's movies, whenever made with the intention of imparting an important message seem to end up inspiring some youngsters on the reverse path as well. Ajith-H. Vinoth's 2022 film Valimai which shed light on the growing drug racket in Tamil Nadu, ended up inadvertently inspiring bike thieves that same year [Valimai showcased how unemployed youth in Tamil Nadu use stolen motorbikes to carry out illegal activities such as snatch thefts, drug peddling and murders].  There were also multiple reports of chain-snatching post Valimai's release, including one that happened right in front of this article author's residence in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 


Now the actor-director duo's 2023 movie Thunivu, which released in theaters for Pongal this month has seemingly lead to a day light bank robbery. In Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, a 25 year old Jigarthanda shop owner by the name Khalil Rahman, was caught attempting a Thunivu style bank heist at the Indian Oversera Bank (IOB) branch in Thadicombu road. 


Khalil Rahman carried with him a red chilli spray, a rope, a cutting blade, some N95 masks and enterted the IOB branch, which was open at the time with just 4 employees in the morning. He used the red chilli to disarm the employees' attention, and tie them together using a rope. However one of the employees managed to escape post the red-chilli attack, and rushed outside the branch calling for help from the general public .


The general public outnumbered Khalil and rescued the tied-up employees. They also informed the Dindigul police who tok Khalil into custody, and seized his 'weapons' of choice. Upon investigation, Khalil revealed the Thunivu connection, which then lead to shocking headlines all over. 

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