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A Hurried Yet A Decent Actioner!

Hurried rather than being racy, however it has a relatable backstory. Despite being extremely cinematic without any logic, the �Constantly something or the other happening on-screen� factor engages to an extent throughout.(more)

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Ajith lords over this H Vinoth-style vigilante film

However, the other actors, including Samuthirakani, remain more or less functional. The film falters mainly with the performances of the actors who play the antagonists with none of them appearing as a threat to Ajith's character, not even remotely. Supreme Sundar's action choreography, too, pushes implausibility quite a bit, especially with many of the gun shoots.(more)

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Ajith stars in a decent heist film that is weighed down by generic tropes

Thunivu is largely entertaining as long as it stays cold and dark, and as long as Ajith walks, dances, and screams like a maniac. The moment it sobers up, it loses its wicked charm. H Vinoth is aware of this, and that�s why there�s a dialogue in the film that goes something to the tune of, �People always like the ones who entertain them, and not the ones who keep delivering messages.� Maybe, that�s true of films as well.(more)

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Ajith Kumar is full of swag in fun heist film that doesn�t take itself too seriously

With each collaboration, H Vinoth has managed to bring out something refreshing with respect to Ajith�s performance. In Thunivu, he doesn�t have any qualms in making Ajith play a mastermind criminal with no ethics. Manju Warrier, too, gets a role that she has so much fun with. The film does fumble towards the end, when the action feels underwhelming but the film has enough moments to keep one invested. Ghibran�s background score suits the mood of the film really well and so were his songs.(more)

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Ajith Kumar as anti-hero is a treat to watch in this mediocre heist thriller

Thunivu is a film that brings back the Ajith we have enjoyed in the past. With an excellent premise, the film has a lot to offer. But, remember to look past the flaws.(more)

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Swagger Ajith and high-octane blazing action in the first-half are brilliant in Thunivu.

Thunivu has enough in the first half to satisfy Ajith fans and families while the second half could have been handled better comparatively. As of now, the film ends up as a good watch for the festival.(more)

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Mediocre Fare

There is no explanation, and certainly no punishment, for the number of dead bodies he leaves behind. There are too many flashbacks and so the continuity of the story is not easy to follow. After a while, the scenes in the bank get repetitive and boring. How long can you look at Ajith sitting with a machine gun on his lap? The theatre was full on the first day of release, and will continue to be so, as long as the fans want to watch it. But the public will not waste its time or money on this mediocre fare. (more)

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Thala Ajith Serves His Fans What They Asked For, But If They Make This A Hit Then They Really Deserve This!

All said and done, despite Thala Ajith�s a little exaggerated and gutsy performance, makers fail to cash in on the proper story by falling into their own cliched tropes of 'masala' cinem a.(more)

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