Thunivu director differs with Ajith on no-promotion policy!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Dec/2022

Thunivu director differs with Ajith on no-promotion policy!

Actor Ajith is one star in the Tamil film industry who does not believe in promoting his movies through public appearances or interviews. In October, 2022 when it kind of seemed like this could change for Thunivu, his upcoming movie, the star actor issued a statement via his manager, which invoked a huge debate on movie promotions. 


Thunivu director H. Vinoth was recently interviewed by the Tamil magazine Kumudham in which the filmmaker was asked about Ajith's no-promotions policy. H. Vinoth admitted that he is not on the same page as Ajith on this matter, for H. Vinoth believes that even a round headed needle needs to be marketed properly these days. 

"This is a marketing world. If one has to earn scores of money, marketing is a must. Marketing is important even for selling a pin. Which is why even I contradict with Ajith's stand (on movie promotions). But who are we to interfere in one's policy decisions?"


However the director defended Ajith when questioned about how this policy could potentially be harmful for a film producer, who invests lots of money in movie-making. H. Vinoth said, "Producers come foward to back an Ajith starrer knowing full well, that the actor does not/will not do promotions for the movie. Ajith isn't cheating anyone by giving false hopes of a movie promotion." 

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