Iravin Nizhal Songs - Music review

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Jun/2022

Iravin Nizhal Songs -  Music review

Iravin Nizhal Songs -  Music review

Ramesh Kannan

Iravin Nizhal is one of the highly expected movies mainly for R. Parthiban's attempt at the world's first non-linear single shot movie. Parthiban roped in AR Rahman for the music of the film and Rahman is one of the very few composers, who keeps pushing boundaries when it comes to the musical style. Let's dive into the album to see what's in store for the listeners.



Kaayam's soundscape instantly reminds me of the composer's Madurai Marikozhundhae from Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. This one also features a group of singers - Khatija Rahman, Deepthi Suresh, Soundarya, Veena Murali, and Sowmya and the ladies are brilliant in their rendition from the acapella-esque start. At the same time, Rahman slowly builds the edginess with the extraordinary profusion of strings and haunting keys. Rahman elegantly blends the Kannethirae tune towards the end of the track.



Bejara extends the mode of Sarvam Thaala Mayam where the folk beats are adorned with the exotic world sounds starting from the delightful oboe/clarinet sound. Haricharan and Bamba Bakya take care of the rhythmic folk tune where both of them effortlessly traverse the high pitch in the tune. The lyrics sound weird but Rahman cleverly packaged them with the engrossing tune and delightful sounds throughout the track.

Paapam Seyathiru

Rahman concocts the beautiful classical flavored track Paapam Seyathiru which traverses multiple raagas and the serene mood provided by the song is unparalleled. Rahman kept the arrangements minimal with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt's veena and Ghatam Karthick's gentle strums stealing the show. Niranjana Ramanan debuts in the Rahman soundtrack and she aces the rendition effortlessly along with Keerthana Vaidyanathan.



Kannethire rides mainly on the Sarthak Kalyani's vocals while Hiral Viradia chips in with the occasional humming in the interludes. Rahman complements the melody with the rich guitar strums throughout the soundtrack. Though the tune takes time to soak in, the slow-burning arrangements make it a worthy listen.


Mayava Thooyava

The final vocal track of the album Mayava Thooyava belongs to Shreya Goshal and she aces the melody like a pro. The tune straightaway belongs to Kaaviya Thalaivan zone with the retro vibe matched by Karky's lyrics. Rahman packed the song with the rich classical arrangements led by DA Srinivas's mridangam and Saroja's dilruba.



Rahman delivers another slow-burn soundtrack that is equally rich and supremely engaging filled with polished carnatic sounds.


Rating: 4/5

Pick of the Album: Paapam Seyathiru, Kaayam, Mayava Thooyava

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