Unusual Twitter bot-takeover turns #HBDMaheshBabu into a laughing stock!

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Aug/2020

Unusual Twitter bot-takeover turns #HBDMaheshBabu into a laughing stock!

Fans and the PR team of Telugu actor Mahesh Babu recently celebrated a "world record" after achieving 60.2 million tweets under the hashtag #HBDMaheshBabu which was rolled out in lieu of the actor's birthday. The fact that these tweets were recorded within 24 hours typically means that a major chunk of the 8.4 Cr AP & Telengana population, along with Mahesh Babu fans from all around the world indulged in this Twitter fan-fest. 


However as with most social media/digital trends these days, #HBDMaheshBabu was far from organic. But what made it stand out to the extent of being a laughing stock is that over-enthusiastic Twitter bots that were employed in trending the hashtag started mass re-tweeting random content accompanied by the said hashtag. From physics laws to computer codes, textbook facts to meaningless garbage, everything was RTed. 














Twitteratis who were quick to notice this unusual bot-behaviour tested this theory by sending out random tweet themselves, only to muse themselves in the results they received. Sure, anything and everything on twitter is fuelled by bots but such blatant display of desperation takes away the little ounce of credibility left and could have been avoided for a star-actor of Mahesh Babu's status.

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