Chennai Box Office Collections

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Nov/2011

Chennai Box Office Collections

Chennai Box Office Collections for week ending November 7

Overall Box Office collections for Chennai and Suburbs for both Velayutham and 7aum Arivu were neck-to-neck over this weekend. Heavy Rains in Chennai also played spoil-sport and impacted the collections. It is known that the exhibitors are getting pressure to not drop the number of shows so that comparisons on relative performance between two movies will not be obvious. The difference in collections primarily comes from looking at the occupancy levels and not from the number of shows/screens.



Overall, 7aum Arivu is continuing to be dominant in Multiplexes and A centers.  The above chart shows the first 13 day collections at major multiplexes in the city. Overall, collection for both 7aum Arivu and Velayutham is over 4.35 Crores just within 13 days. 7aum Arivu has been showing normal decline of 15% in Multiplexes while Velayudham showed a slightly higher week-over-week drop in collections of 20%.


When comparing with Mankatha's performance at the same Multiplex screens from months back, Mankatha on an average made roughly around Rs.30,000/- per show at Multiplexes during the first 13 days after release.


B and C centers

In Chennai and Suburbs, Velayudham and 7aum Arivu had almost equal number of shows at B and C single screen Theatres. Velayudham showed better occupancy and collections in B and C centers compared to 7aum Arivu. The exact Box Office Collections are difficult to compile due to lack of transparency and lack of record keeping & sharing at smaller centers. 


-RVN, BO Correspondent

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