MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 13

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Aug/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 13

Weekly Earworm – Week 13 – 18/08/2019

Prashant Pillai leads the pack among the wonderful songs released in Telugu this week.

Gangleader(Telugu): Anirudh : HoynaHoyna: Anirudh continues his stupendous form in Telugu without a miss and HoynaHoyna is no different. The breezy melody is augmented by upbeat synth programming in the background by Shashank Vijay. InnoGenga aces the rendition and makes this one an enjoyable listen till it lasts.


AdithyaVarma (Tamil): Radhan: Edharkadi: Radhan gave completely different tune than original when Bala was helming this project but Gireesaayaplasys safely by using the original tune itself. Nevertheless the addictive soft rock groove in Edharkadi is sure to hit the charts in Tamil also. The movie's protagonist DhruvVikram surprisingly turns out to be a better singer than expected.


AduthaSaattai (Tamil): Justin Prabhakaran: AvanVaruvan: After a brilliant Dear Comrade, Justin Prabhakaran'sAduthaSaattai turns out to be a toothless affair except for the brilliant AvanVaruvan. The jazzy outlook and the melodic touches akin to Pularaadha works effortlessly. AvalukkuEnnaAzhagiaMugam evokes the yesteryear number is a lovable touch from the composer.


Madhanam(Telugu): Ron Ethan Yohan: YegireYegire: After a string of backgorund score dominated movies, Ron Ethan Yohan delivers a enjoyable melody in Telugu crooned by Sid Sriram. Apart from the brilliant singing by Sid, composer employed Kamlakhar's flute very effectually. The charanam tune is affecting especially the hook PaadhamThirigindi Nee vaipuke.


Ranarangam (Telugu): PrashantPillai :EvaroEvaro: Prashant Pillai hits it right out of the park with the affecting melody EvaroEvaro where Rajesh C's flute comes across as the another lead along with the wonderful Preethi Pillai. Only Prashant Pillai employs her as a singer and She deserves to be heard more.



Pick of the Week: Evaro Evaro, Etharkadi, Hoyna Hoyna

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