Viral Video of Iran Gym grooving to Vijay's Tamil song trends on internet!

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Aug/2019

On late Monday this week, a twitter user by the name Anu Sehgal shared a video snippet of gym members in Iran grooving to a popular Tamil number as a part of their 'warm-up' routine. The video which shows men matching their workout steps to the fiesty 'Maambalama Maambalam' song from actor's Vijay's 2007 film Pokkiri, has since then gone viral with over 3.5K RTs and 10.3K likes. 


According to twitter users, Iranians fondness for Indian dance numbers comes from the fact that they are similar to 'Iranian fast musical rhythms'. Nevertheless, the Mani Sharma composed song being back at the spot-light after 12 years since it first released, has left the Tamilians amused. 

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