100% Kadhal Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Aug/2019

100% Kadhal Songs - Music Review

100% Kadhal is an upcoming romantic drama film with GV Prakash Kumar and Shalini Pandey in the lead roles. GV Prakash has composed music for the film replacing Devi Sri Prasad from the Telugu original. DSP-Sukumar combination gave a blockbuster of an album with 100% Love, but GVP's version turns out to be a dud soundtrack when compared to the highly enjoyable original.

  • Oru Vaanam: Oru Vaanam's synth and techno sound dominated track lacks an affecting tune to flow with the arrangements. The tune benefits largely from Andrea Jeremiah's whisper-y rendition while GV Prakash ably manages his part of the track. The peppy soundscape gives this album a listenable start.


  • Yaenadi Yaenadi: Yaenadi Yaenadi is the equivalent of enjoyable Dhooram Dhooram from the Telugu album and GV Prakash fares largely better than the original with respect to the arrangements especially the lovely second interlude with the gentle Tabla base. But DSP tune is an instantly catchy one though Super Singer Keshav Vonod excels with his earnest rendition.


  • Kannum Kannum Plus: The showstopper track of the Telugu album infatuation comes as the Kannum Kannum Plus in this album and the track is a huge letdown when compared to the original. The buoyant tune of the original gels well with the quirky lyrics but the Tamil track is mangled partly by the lackluster tune and GV Prakash's auto-tuned vocals. The classical violin is the lovely addition by the composer.


  • Oh Balu: Oh Balu which speaks about Balu's superior academic qualifications and Mohanrajan's literal translation from the Telugu lyrics is forcibly fitted on the GV Prakash's meandering tune. The tone of the song shifts between the melodic and rock base which gives a sober shade to the song despite the quirky lyrics. Easily DSP's Aho balu fares better due to consistent video game sound and the free flow of tune and lyrics.


  • Nenjellam Nindraye✔️: Nenjellam Nindraye works much better because of superlative singing by Vijay Prakash and the composer's tried and tested soft-rock arrangements. The track reminds of the composer's Anbe Anbe from Darling.


  • Thiri Thiru Gananadha✔️: Thiri Thiru Gananadha featured Harini in both Tamil and Telugu versions and she aces the rendition as always. The Tamil tune is more melodic while the Telugu one packs more punch despite the semi-classical tune and it works well with the amusing lyrics also but the Tamil track's melodic quotient overthrows the quirky factor of the lyrics.


  • A Square B Square: A Square B Square features a lovely Nadhaswaram bit by Thirumoorthy and the track immensely gains from the Roshini and Meghdeep Bose's respective versions. The track should work well with the entertaining visuals.


  • That is Mahalakshmi: That is Mahalakshmi again suffers from the inconsistent tune and the lyrics while Clinton Cerejo and Megha manage to elevate and salvage the song from the mediocre tune.


  • Enakku thaan: Enakku thaan undeniably belongs to M M Manasi and she ably delivers the fun song effectually. Though the Telugu version is foot tapping and pitch-perfect with the dance song loved the GVP's variation especially with the melodic final segment of the song.



100% Kadhal lacks the fun quotient from the original soundtrack. The inconsistency between the lyrics and the tone of the tracks makes this album less engaging affair despite the occasional brilliance in the arrangements.

Rating: 2.5/5 

Pick of the Album: Thiru Thiru Gananadha, Nenjellam Nindraye

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