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Yet Another Remake That Loses Track Midway And Misfires!

Overall, the idea to make a family oriented movie is very much present but what was lacking is the execution to bring out the factors that would entertain audiences at regular intervals. GV Prakash tries hard to keep our attention but the moment you see an item number after Nasser's entry, it becomes hard not to yawn. 100% Kadhal does not emerge as an entertaining rom-com that one would expect from a famous film's remake. (more)

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90 percent horror, 10 percent comedy

I am not sure what is more depressing - an unwatchable GV Prakash-starrer or having discovered midway through 100% Kadhal that I had seen the Telugu original and it was deja vu all over again.(more)

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Not even a single scene works in this interminably long, juvenile romance.

The filmmaking is so non-existent that even a basic - and age-old - technique like rear projection isn't pulled off convincingly. The line readings lack any bit of authenticity, making the performances highly artificial and unconvincing. No wonder that not even a single scene works, save for the unintentionally funny ones.(more)

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This problematic remake sells everything a film shouldn't

Had the makers titled the film, '100% lust or 100% bullshit', it would have made more sense. This remake offers no reason for its existence, I think. For now, 100% Kadhal is my pick for the worst movie I saw in all of 2019.(more)

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Big bore

It looks like director MM Chandramouli and his team has taken audiences for granted. Every time you see GV Prakash on a bike, the poorly done graphics in the backdrop just irritates you.We are going to skip rating this film. Yes, this is that kind of awful film which make you wonder how a film like this was made in the first place. (more)

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A Juvenile love story that's largely boring and occasionally annoying!

The entire writing for the first half of the movie is taken from the college life and is wrote in an un-realistic and un-entertaining way. It looks more like a juvenile love track that takes place between two school children. The family angle is brought only in the second half to bring all-roundness to the commercial aspect of the script. Heroine character that enters as nobody into the life of hero starts getting mature, intelligent, magnanimous and sexy as the story progresses. The reason for all these is explained only towards the end. Nothing in the film is convincing, be it the conflicts between the leads, or the separation of their grandparents, or the professional angle of GV Prakash.(more)

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