Sivappu Manjal Pachai Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Jun/2019

Sivappu Manjal Pachai Songs - Music Review

Sivappu Manjal Pachai Songs - Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Sivappu Manjal Patchai is an upcoming emotional thriller directed by Sasi of Poo fame with Siddharth, GV Prakash Kumar, Lijomol Jose and Kashmira Pardeshi in the lead roles. Debutant Siddhu Kumar composes music for the film. Let's checkout whether debutant is able to deliver for this thriller or not.


Mayilaanjiye: Mayilaanjiye features the wonderful arrangements which are surreal especially Balaji's violin and Shubani's string section. Siddhu's tune works magically especially the Pallavi and the title hook but fizzles out in the charanam portions. Anand Aravindakshan and Shashaa Tirupathi are in fine form with respect to the vocals.


Raakachi Rangamma: Siddhu shines once again with respect to the arrangements in Raakachi Rangamma and undoubtedly Anitha Karthikeyan's quirky vocals work to the song's favour but tune suffers and lacks the punch. Mohan Rajan delivers the bull eye with his amusing lyrics especially when the lines go as Ranveer'um Ranbir'um mix aaki kekkuraan ivanoda Akka enna Deepika Padukona.


Usure: Siddhu fares well both with respect to tune as well as arrangements in the melancholy Usure where the composer employed Jothi Pushpa's vocals and Bhavani's Veena for the classical-tinged interlude. Sudharshan Ashok easily sails through the enchanting tune in the verses of Mohan Rajan.


Idhudhaana: The debutant Siddhu composer delivers another smashing melody Idhudhaana and the lilting tune is elevated by Naresh Iyer and Shashaa Tirupati. Siddhu arrangements also feature a brilliant amalgamation of soulful violin solo by Balaji in the prelude and Nakul Abhyankar's kazoo along with Vishnu's flute in the interludes makes this one a beautiful listen.


Aazhi Soozhnda: Siddhu ends the soundtrack with another melody Aazhi Soozhnda where Manoj's enchanting violin and Mohan Rajan's lyrics on brother-Sister relationship stands out. Srikanth Hariharan’s earnest singing prods the average tune and makes this one a passable fare from the composer.


Bottomline: Debutant composer Siddhu fares well with respect to the arrangements but the tunes of Sivappu Manjal Pachai turn out to be a dealbreaker.


Rating: 2.75/5

Pick of the Album: Idhu dhaana, Usure

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