Kamal Haasan's hard-hitting questions for the Tamil Nadu CM in the Pollachi Sexual Abuse case!

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Mar/2019

Kamal Haasan's hard-hitting questions for the Tamil Nadu CM in the Pollachi Sexual Abuse case!

Eight men getting arrested for sexually harassing a college girl from Pollachi and their supposed connection to the ruling party AIADMK has gotten the general public involved in the news over the past few days.

Since the accused having been alleged of luring, sexually assaulting and filming the molestation of over 60 women over the years, whom they have also blackmailed for money, the outrage over the incident has been quite significant.
Kamal Haasan who has been speaking up for speedy punishment of the accused has now taken to twitter to launch a scathing attack on the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi Palaniswamy. Through a video statement, the Makkal Needhi Maiyam leader posed some hard-hitting questions where he asks:

  • “When the entire world came together to raise their voice against the violence inflicted on Nirbhaya (2012 Delhi gang rape case), the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (the late J Jayalalithaa) issued a statement that said that crimes inflicted on women will be considered very serious crimes and the highest cadre of Policemen will investigate the case. How can the current Government which uses that woman's name for their governance be so careless and complacent in this case?”

  • “Every parent who has a daughter is terrified..how are you not?" 

  • "The keen effort that government has shown in claiming that there is no connection between their party (AIADMK) and the accused and is not there for assuring the public that government will ensure punishment for the accused. Why?"

  • "The video of the victim from the incident comes out. How? The police claim that the accused have deleted all video evidence. If that is the case then how is the video out now? How did the video with the face blurred that came out first get out? Who released it? For what reason?”

  • “What have you, the ones who carry the photograph of the leader (Jayalalitha) who assured the safety of women in your pockets, done for this injustice against women?"
  • Mr. CM, are you not listening to the doubts of our women who have been mistreated by the Police despite the women coming ahead only to register an honest complaint and their justified anger? All these questions are for you!

  • “I am not asking as the President of Makkal Needhi Maiam but as the father of two daughters, what are you going to do to rectify these mistakes? What is your answer to my sisters who are scared that you are threatening them with "Leaked videos" to not come forward with their complaints?"

  • "The action that this government will take against this gore injustice will not only be a punishment for the accused but also the assurance that this government will leave no person roll over if he commits a crime against women. When are you going to do that? What are you waiting for? The elections to get done with?"

  • In a land like ours where Gods themselves went to war over the assault of their wives (Mahabharatha & Ramayana), how are you going to wipe this insult against women which even happened to your Amma (the 1989 Assembly elections where Jayalalitha's saree was pulled and torn by a DMK minister), Swami?


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