Dev has more to offer musically & visually: Karthi at Dev Press Meet

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Feb/2019

Dev has more to offer musically & visually: Karthi at Dev Press Meet

Karthi, Rakul Preet starrer Dev is releasing this Valentine's Day and recently a press meet was conducted where actor Karthi spoke about the film in detail. Excerpts from his speech can be found below and his complete speech cab be viewed in the video that follows:

  • Characters in Dev: "..The character is quite positive and mature..He is an adventure freak who is quite young, energetic and slim..The boy has been brought up by a single father and the girl by a single mother. The girl's focus is on career and finances while the guy values experiences and bonds over money.."


  • Story: "..Usually in our romantic films, the film ends when the guy and girl profess their love for each other. Here (in Dev), the story begins post the 'I love you' part...The film will also have how today's generation deals with broken families and physical relationship.."


  • About Dev: "..Dev's script had more to offer musically and visually than acting-wise..So the responsibility is more on Harris Jayaraj (composer) and Velraj (cinematographer) and I believe the film has lived up in both these departments.." 


  • Run-Time: "..When a film like 96 does well, it makes you happy and leaves you thinking if people in our demography are willing to watch a film in that pace..usually the expressions (as seen in 96) are considered a lag and cut; so when such a film does well, it gives Dev which is quite lengthy hope that it will do well.."


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