Sigai Review - A well delivered content oriented film that has an essential social message intact!


Sigai Review - A well delivered content oriented film that has an essential social message intact!

Sigai Review - A well delivered content oriented film that has an essential social message intact!




With the digital era taking over these days, here is a renowned online platform’s first original feature film titled Sigai. Starring Kathir and directed by Jagadeesan Subu, Sigai is a film that touches upon numerous aspects right from the very beginning and shifts focus onto the life of transgenders and a much needed social message. Is the first digital feature film on dart?


Sigai does not really have a hero or a heroine. 9 characters play important roles and the notable ones being Mayil Samy as a cab driver, Raj Barath as Prasath, Meera Nair as Nirmala and without doubt, Kathir as Mathi Azhagan. With a runtime of under 1 hour and 45 minutes, Sigai still does take a little time to hook the watcher.


After every character is introduced, the flow of the film is really good and the writing is to be appreciated. The director has used a lot of suggestive shots, extracted some really fantastic subtle acting and keeps us guessing with a fair deal of suspense elements.


What happens to be the big positive for Sigai is the faces that director Jagadeesan has chosen to cast for his characters. Predominantly filled by not very known actors, these characters get established pretty well. However, the show stealer is without doubt Pariyerum Perumal’s Kathir as Mathi Azhagan. Playing a transgender calls for a lot of hard work right from the body posture, body language, dialogue delivery and the very look. Kathir scores high on all these departments and the latter half is a treat to watch just for his performance.


Sigai deals with prostitution, touches upon a crime angle and finishes with a heavy importance given to the plight of transgenders in our society. The “Idhu Harmonegal” number in the end credits is a not to miss topping, that garnishes the meal even more. Though the film talks about 2-3 different issues and travels in a couple of genres parallely, the distribution of sequences clubbed with quite an engaging screenplay keeps us interested in most of the scenes.


The highlight of the film is easily the dialogues used in the latter half. We only have a few of these moments in the first half but the latter is loaded with some really touching emotional moments. Issues like equality between men and women in a household, rights for the transgender are all uniquely handled and there is barely a preachy feel, making it very suggestive and consumable.


As for the technical departments, visuals by Navin are okayish and the opening credits sequence seemed tacky and could have been better. Music by Ron Ethan Yohann is quite pleasing and his BGM along with the ‘Idhu Harmonegal’ track are sure winners. Edit by Anucharan is pretty apt too.


On the whole, Jagadeesan and actor Kathir’s Sigai is a worthy watch for its intention and fairly good execution. If the intensity and high points that were present in the second half persisted throughout the first half too, Sigai could have been even more engrossing. Nevertheless, with some really fantastic aspects in the kitty that include good writing, acting, music and a very important social message, it does emerge as a very good ‘first original feature film’ that would pave way for many more to come!



Watch Sigai for its overall good content, acting, music and a well delivered social message!


Rating: 3/5

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