Ratsasan: Here's what went into creating villain Christopher's look!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Nov/2018


Ratsasan starring Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in lead roles was one of the most spine-chilling thrillers in recent times. The film was raved by both the critics and the audience and even at its seventh week, is still running in movie theaters.

At this time, the makers of the film have released a behind-the-scenes video from the film, showing us a glimpse of what went into creating the 'look' of the petrifying (those who've watched the film would agree that he was several notches above that) villain Christopher from the movie.
Actor Saravanan who plays Christopher in the movie is shown suffering from adult progeria (werner syndrome) and for his prosthetic makeup, is said to have spent almost 7 hours everyday. The making video also has the much raved Ghibran's background music from the film. 
Ratsasan has been helmed by Mundasupatti director Ram Kumar and the story of the film is revolves around a wannabe psycho thriller movie-maker turned cop, who uses the research knowledge from his movie for solving murder mysteries in his new cop life.

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