Karate Thiyagarajan attacks Kushboo, Actress to file complaint!


Karate Thiyagarajan attacks Kushboo, Actress to file complaint!


Congress party members Karate Thiyagarajan and actress Khushboo have been at loggerheads for quite sometime now and the duo are back in the news for yet another internal squabble. Karate Thiyagaran met the members from the media recently and while speaking about All India Congress Party's executive committee, he is said to have expressed concern over its members and scepticism over actress Kushboo's appointment (She is currently the National spokesperson for the party) stating, "how could Khushboo who once said that women are free to drink like men could get elected to the committee?"

It is worth mentioning here that this isn't the first time Thiyagaran has launched an attack on Kushboo. Last year, he has very publicly questioned Kushboo's membership validity in the Congress party right before the first general council of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. He had then said, “Those who are in the general body should pay ₹5 towards membership and ₹100 as nomination fee. As far as I know, Kushboo neither paid ₹5 nor did she get the nomination form after paying ₹100,” Khushboo was then quoted to have replied, “I don’t have to respond to him [Thiagarajan]. I had campaigned extensively for him. If there was an issue, he should have spoken up earlier than bring this up on the day of the meeting,”

Later, when Kushboo wished actor Vishal for venturing into politics, Thiyagaran sent out a statement making viscous attacks on the actress dragging her membership with her former alliance DMK, and her loyalty towards Congress.

So it comes as no surprise that Kushboo decided to file a complaint this time with the high heads of Congress against the said person. Reportedly, she has also sought for an appointment with Rahul Gandhi to bring an end to these personal attacks launched on her by her fellow party member.

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