Ballon Songs - Music Review


Ballon Songs - Music Review

Ballon Songs - Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Balloon is an upcoming Tamil horror-thriller film directed by Sinish with Jai, Anjali and JananiIyer as the lead. Yuvan Shankar Raja scores music for the film. Let's check out whether Yuvan able to recover from his shaky repertoires in recent times with this horror thriller.


Vaanam Dhaane:

Rizwan's throaty vocals sounds contradict with the buoyant waltzy arrangements in the background. Though the vocals and tune are distracting one, ArunrajaKamaraj's vocals sound tandem with the consistently engaging sounds in the rhythm. Loved the brief plucked string musical cues in the interludes.



Mazhai Megam:


Mazhai Megam benefits largely from the Yuvan's dependable melody and Priya Jerson's effectual vocals. However, Yuvan's singing mauls the melody to a large extent and Thankfully Yuvan as a composer performed much better than as a singer which makes this one marginally interesting song on the album.


Uyirile Uyirile:

Yuvan delivers stellar melody track in UyirileUyirile where the Raja'esque tune accompanied by neat arrangements makes this track easily best one in the album. Yuvan throws in surprises especially classical-tinged first interlude and Yuvan must revisit this kind of tracks frequently. Vijay Yesudas and Priyanka totally owns this song and especially the former's soulful singing make this one an engaging.


Shut up Pannunga:

Shut up Pannunga has very less to offer musically and the track rides mainly on the familiar title hook along with Anirudh Ravichander's name in the credit list. The arrangements are mainly dominated by the sneaky techno sounds which have very less shelf time.


Theme tracks:

Balloon's Mystery ticks off every sound one can associate with the horror genre and the theme track ends in a high with the strings reaching crescendo towards the end. Revenge of the Joker is adequate background material and may blend well with the visuals rather than as a standalone track.




Balloon is a consistently light and engaging album from Yuvan Shankar Raja after a few misses in recent times.


Rating: 2.75/5

Pick of the album: UyirileUyirile, VaanamDhaane

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