Use of "Bad Boy" logo a problem for Alex Pandian

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Dec/2012

Use of "Bad Boy" logo a problem for Alex Pandian

Use of "Bad Boy" logo a problem for Alex Pandian

Alex Pandian's "Bad Boy song was released a couple of days back and was appreciated for interesting shots/cuts, Karthi's catchy dance moves and expressions. He even does a Gangnam step during the last few seconds. The song was pulled down from youtube yesterday right when the song was going strong on social media. After a day, the old song is now back again under the pretext of "High Definition" as a new video link. 


Unauthorized Use of "Bad Boy"

The problem appears to have begun with the unauthorized use of "Bad Boy" brand logo in the Alex Pandian song. Studio Green had to remove the Alex Pandian video song due to explicit copyright violation of "Bad Boy" brand. The song was promptly removed from youtube, scenes replaced with the new logo/font and uploaded back again late last night.


It is becoming increasingly more difficult in social media era to do something as inconsequential as even copying a logo/font, leave alone copying tunes and scenes.


"Bad Boy" Copyright Policy: Using Bad Boy® as a stand alone term on apparel or accessories, entertainment is a clear infringement of our rights.  There is no specific font that is required for the use to be a trademark infringement.  Use of these marks in a way that indicates source of the goods or services or is used to draw the public’s attention to the goods or services, regardless of font, is prohibited. The following images, graphics and/or logos are copyright images owned by Platypus Wear, Inc., dba Bad Boy Brands. 

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