Karthi Alex Pandian Songs Review


Karthi Alex Pandian Songs Review

Karthi's Alex Pandian Music Review

All songs in the album are filled with familiar tunes, beats and sounds that you are used to hearing in Devi Sri Prasad's (DSP) album. A few songs have strong Singam and Villu hangover. The lyrics are mostly meaningless and may tease your intelligence if you try to pay too much attention. Almost all songs have strong Telugu flavour due to business reasons since Alex Pandian is targeted at both Tamil and Telugu markets. All songs are aimed at improving Karthi's mass appeal and popularity among the so called front-benchers. The album doesn't have a melody or duet love song number, making the makers' intentions very clear.


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Naalu pakkam is the dream sequence song with pirates and forest background trapping the heroine, as the lyrics suggest. DSP partially succeeds as singer backed by thumping sounds. Onnam Class is written by 'Vaaliba' lyricist Vaali who as usual throws some celebrity names like Dhoni and Sehwag in between pointless lines. For the song Bad Boy, DSP ropes in his favourite mascot Baba Sehgal who does a good job. The song is expected to show different bad boyish avatars of Karthi delivered in simple catchy tune. Rayya Rayya's tune has strong Singam influence with mixture of silly lyrics in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.


If compelled to pick a song in this album, Thayya Thakka would be our choice. This one has interesting blend of funny dialogues, energetic beats, melodious tune, sentiment lyrics and good vocals. The highlight of the song is Santhanam and Karthi's interesting one-liners and both of them have delivered casually in their characteristic voice modulation. The song definitely has a nice blend of orchestration and worth giving it a try.



With so many high profile music albums released during the last few days, it is difficult to stay on top of all the releases and find the real gems. Don't try too hard to find one in Alex Pandian..."thedikite irupeenga". Even if you skip this album, you will not regret much. 


Rating - 4.5/10

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