Movie Review - Pizza is deliciously spooky

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Oct/2012

Movie Review - Pizza is deliciously spooky

Movie Review - Pizza is Deliciously Spooky

Bharath Vijayakumar

Though the promotions were low key, the trailer and the paper ads of 'Pizza' were out of the box and promised different experience. This debut dish of Karthik Subburaj is definitely delicious. It is not often that you come across a well made thriller/horror movie in Tamil cinema that really scares you. ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ was one that you can probably recollect. There are scenes where the audience themselves involve in loud mouthed chatter to hide their fear!


Plot (No spoilers!)

Giving away anything about the plot would rob you away from those wonderfully spooky moments in the film. In a nutshell it is about an incident that happens in the life of a pizza delivery guy on a fateful night. Despite being promoted as a thriller, the movie actually works wonderfully well as a horror flick in the first half and sends genuine shivers down your spine. 



Vijay Sethupathy comes out with a knockout performance. The fear he shows in his eyes is palpable and literally transfers to us. One is not sure whether he is really lucky or whether he takes real care in choosing his scripts. Thenmerku Paruvakatru, Sundarapandian (a crucial role) and now Pizza – each one is different and also good. Remya Nambeesan seen after a while in a Tamil movie has a pivotal role in the film. She seems to have put on a few pounds and looks better compared to her previous movies. The plot involves a limited cast and all of them fit the bill perfectly. Apt casting is another strong point of Pizza.



The film has a slick look to it and the technical team has done a neat job. Santosh Narayanan who made an impressive start with Attakathi reaffirms his talent with Pizza. This time he garners attention through his background score which plays a huge part in those frightening moments inside the house. Pizza is also the first Tamil film to feature 7.1 surround sound technology. Cinematography by Gopi Amarnath is an asset and the angles he has used in certain scenes heighten the fear factor. Editing by Leo John Paul is crisp and the running time of the movie is just over two hours.


There is hardly any aspect of this Pizza that you can point your finger as not baked well enough. This is a wonderful team effort from a young team headed by a director who shot to fame through the TV show 'Nalaya Iyakunar'. The movie will definitely strike a chord with the audience.


Verdict: Rush in to have your slice of this 'Pizza'. But, do not reveal its recipe to anyone so that they can have as much fun as you did!

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