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Every bite of this Pizza tastes hot and spicy

Santhosh Narayanan has done a fabulous job as a music director. The songs in the first half sound classy and the background score plays a very vital role in creating the wholesome horror experience.Gopi Amarnath, who was praised for his rich visuals in Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathilaey has done the cinematography for this film. He has worked with very limited light source and his lighting sense is brilliant. Editing by Leo Johm Paul is sharp. (more)

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Pizza is a film which is entertaining and at the same time different in its approach. Debutant director Karthik Subburaj�s premise, milieu and overall packaging of this romantic thriller make this Pizza crispy at the same time yummy.(more)

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Pizza - Place your order and prepare to be thrilled!

This sort of progressive filmmaking will come as a welcome addition to the industry as well as the audience and for that we�ll say - well played Karthik Subburaj! Go buy a ticket and enjoy the ride!(more)

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Served hot

There are scenes that sends chill down the spine- especially the one at the bedroom in the house where Michael goes after delivering the pizza. The encounters between Michael and the inmates of the haunted house are sure to make you bite your nails.(more)

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Freshly made

If you enter the cinemas expecting a desi version of the Paranormal Activity franchise, because of the promos of a young couple with a scared expression, you are mistaken. Twenty minutes into the film and you decide clich�d, beaten-to-pulp occultism is going to be its mainstay, it isn�t so. Soon you settle down for a �spirited� thriller, you are wrong again. At some point, you presume romance will be served in ample doses, you find your guess erroneous. And during the intermission, you resign yourself to a trying experience of the usual horror stuff, you realise you aren�t spot on.(more)

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The perfect snack, served hot and delicious, at a time when the city is drowning in rain

Karthik gets able support from cinematographer Gopi Amarnath, who provides the necessary toppings to the pizza. It would not be wrong to say that the movie would not have been half as enjoyable if not for him. He does a brilliant job in the scenes shot in the haunted house, where sometimes the only source of lighting is a torch held by the actor. (more)

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