Bairavaa worldwide screen counts


Bairavaa worldwide screen counts

Bairavaa worldwide screen counts

Vijay's Bairavaa is one of the most awaited movies this year. The film is set to have a wide release on January 12. The movie will be releasing in around 1000+ screens worldwide. 

Overseas Screen Counts
 USA    98 (Theater List
 Canada  3
 Singapore  14
 UK  54 ( Theatre list )
 Switzerland  Yet to be updated
 France  21
 Sri Lanka  4 (As of Now)
 Denmark  21
 Holland  12 
 Germany   23 
 New Zealand   4 
 Poland  3
 Finland  1 
 Belgium  1 
 Ireland  13
 Australia  19 
 Sweden   1
 Malaysia     100

: Bairavaa USA rights have been bought by 8kmiles media and Tentkotta. The distributor is targeting about 100 +  screens. So far the movie is confirmed to release in 98 screens. 


UK & France:  As of now, Bairavaa is releasing in 54 screens in UK and 21 Screens in France. 


Expanding the boundaries: A&P Group, the overseas distributor of Bairavaa has revealed that, Bairavaa will be the first Tamil movie to get released in 55 countries. With this the Tamil movie business is now opened to new markets like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Congo and Ukraine, Albania, Mexico, Lithuania, Latvia,  Ethiopia, Rwanda And Moscow.


India: In Tamil Nadu, So far the movie is confirmed to release in 450 screens, few more screens are expected to get added.


 Tamil Nadu   450+  
 Kerala  Yet to be updated 
 Andhra  Yet to be updated
 Karnataka   70 (As of Now) 

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