Kirik Party Review - Enjoyable despite the deja vu feel

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Jan/2017

Kirik Party Review - Enjoyable despite the deja vu feel

Kirik Party Review - Enjoyable despite the deja vu feel !!!

Bharath Vijayakumar

Rishab Shetty's Kirik Party starts off with an infectious energy that is raw and quirky. No sooner than the title card ends that you are attuned to the scheme of things which wholly revolves around a gang of friends in an engineering college. The lead man Karna's (Rakshit Shetty) self discovery through the span of his campus life is what this film (that runs close to 165 minutes ) wants to explore through a narrative that keeps you entertained.

It takes some time to get ourselves convinced to see Rakshit Shetty play a first year student at college. He does look a bit mature but there is a glint of innocence in his eyes that is hard to escape and this helps him sail through. You definitely tend to compare this performance to Nivin Pauly's swashbuckling Premam outing. The reason is the strong deja vu that this film brings about. There is an extremely strong resemblance in a particular segment that looks inspired from Premam. Akin to Premam this film too has the lead man turn a ruffian in his college life. But the film surprises you with quite a few imaginative jokes out of the most mundane of situations. Some of them are pure gems. The one involving Karna's grandfather comes to mind. There are few silly gags as well but they all add to the flavour of the film. These jokes are what a college student would probably mouth. The musical style narrative is superbly done.

The first half gets most things right and is nicely paced. The romance has a nice vibe to it. It does start like a filmy one but you feel the mutual liking that the lead pair share. The scenes are not something you haven't seen before but there is a magic that has to happen on screen and Kirik Party gets it right.

The second half loses some momentum with quite a few scenes that seem to wander without much purpose. The film starts to look like a hero boosting vehicle for a long stretch in this half. There are a few nice bits here too that are delightful but the film does keep losing its hold over you. It does culminate again well towards the climax. Again there is a segment here that is too reminiscent of Bangalore Days.



Despite some strong similarities to few recent Malayalam classics, Kirik Party is an enjoyable film with its fair chunk of imaginative quirkiness.


Rating: 3/5

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