5 Reasons to watch Kaashmora this Diwali

PUBLISHED DATE : 25/Oct/2016

5 Reasons to watch Kaashmora this Diwali

5 Reasons to watch Kaashmora this Diwali

Days before its release, the team of Kaashmora held a press meet and gave us a bunch of reasons to look out for the movie this Diwali. Here are the reasons why:

Wholesome Entertainer : While movie buffs and fans were expecting a historic period drama; comparing it to the likes of Baahubali, actor Karthi broke it to everyone that Kaashmora is a complete entertainer. The period part of the movie constitutes to only 30 minutes and the rest will include comedy, action and drama. Sadly there will be no romance.

Spectacular Visuals : Those who have seen AarambamAnegan and Maari would be familiar with Om Prakash's work. The press meet saw everyone from the team sing praises about this acclaimed cinematographer with a teaser to stand proof of it. Additionally, Karthi explained that grandeur of this film has been complemented with just the technical work required (VFX,CGI).

First Multi-Role : Karthi said that there are many firsts to this movie. He and Nayanthara are pairing up for the first time. This is Sri Divya's first film with him. Actor Vivek is sharing screen space with Karthi for the first time. But what trumps all and is good enough a reason for fans to go watch the movie is that this is the first time Karthi will be seen in a triple role. Though the titular role Kaashmora, and the historic King Raj Nayak have garnered enough attention, there is still a mystery third role to be watched only in cinema theaters.

Intriguing Characters: Actor Vivek revealed that Sri Divya plays a research student who digs the secret of black magic. Added to this Nayanthara will be seen as a warrior princess and Karthi will be seen as a King and a magician. So the question of what could be the product of such interesting characters in one film, is intriguing enough to make us walk into the cinema hall. 

Technical Aspects : Karthi while addressing the media said that his make-up would take up to 3 hours time and hardly last for a shot or two. He has dubbed in three different modulations of voice for his three roles in the movie. Also, the 3D Face Scan technology is the first of its type to be used in regional films.

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