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Arun Sundar

Watchable film with some dull moments here and there. Songs by Santosh Narayan is average but makes it up with a good BGM. (more)


Madras Madhan

Kashmora movie semma box office collection 2 day 40 cr with out any promtion karthi acting super nayam semma vivek karthi comedy super over movie super lightly 2nd half show but sence are super (more)


Govardhan Gopal

Kashmora was let down by shoddy screenplay. Draggy in parts n took off too late. The hyped mythology part came late after a tedious 1st half. Comedy worked in parts. Average. Decent effort by Karthik. (more)


Shuayb Ghaffoor

Kaashmora Movie Review This movie shows how good Karthi can act & is a very different attempt from the actor . Having to play 3 roles for a movie isn't an easy task but Karthi played them with perfection. The villainism portrayed by Karthi was really great . We are en route to every actor playing a villain as well in their films . Sri Divya on the other hand was really beautiful onscreen but she did not have much screen space , she just appeared for a few scenes . Same goes to Nayanthara , I just wish she was their the whole time . She had screen space of roughly about 30 mins in the film & Oh my Kadavuleyyyy it was just amazingly amazing to watch her play the role of Rathnamahadevi. The songs were not upto point , being a Santhosh Narayanan musical everyone expected more . The BGM was a really different attempt from the music director when compared to his other films . Story wise it was just above average and nothing much to talk about . Nothing felt intriguing and felt meh most of the time . The comedy given out by Karthi , Vivek and the rest made us smile and was good . For fans who love romantic scenes it should be an upset because their isn't any Romance portion in the film . Overall , A movie that has a good amount of mystery and less history . Just wished the story was better . An above average comical thriller (more)