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CHENNAI 600028 - 2 CHENNAI 600028 - 2

The movie is a massive sixer from the whole team . I would not like to compare each and everyone's performance but yeah all of them did extremely well . The movie is a mixture of all emotions and Venkat Prabhu delivers with style . The main hero of the movie is non other than Yuvan Shankar Raja himself , What can I say "Pichchi Menjirukaru" . Mind blowing BGM . At first after the songs were released I was not a really big fan of them but with the visuals . My god , Semma treat The other major plus was the comedy . I died laughing Comedy timings were Excellent The movie will keep you laughing till the end . The first half was really quick , which is another major plus point . The 2nd half was also excellent specially with thrills here and there . Overall a really really entertaining film with an excellent story which will make you laugh to the max all covered up by Fantastic BGM and Songs . Kudos to Venkat Prabhu and the whole team


Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada

The most positive aspects in the movie are the lead pairs , screenplay & music . Simbu has given one of his best performances of his career , A recent best I would say. Manjima Mohan on the other hand , Wow She looked so cute and being her first Tamil film she had done really well . The romantic scenes portrayed in the film were so so great specially without any type of vulgarity , Kudos to Gautham Menon for that . The songs and BGM . Omg , The songs along with the visuals were splendid and gave the feels , Specially Thalli Pogathey BGM is this years best , AR Rahman shows why he is a musical sensation. Even though there were a few comedy scenes they were good enough to keep us entertained. Overall , A breezy first half & An action packed 2nd half . A film that entertains and gives amazing romantic scenes all backed up by fantastic BGM & Songs


Kaashmora Kaashmora

Kaashmora Movie Review This movie shows how good Karthi can act & is a very different attempt from the actor . Having to play 3 roles for a movie isn't an easy task but Karthi played them with perfection. The villainism portrayed by Karthi was really great . We are en route to every actor playing a villain as well in their films . Sri Divya on the other hand was really beautiful onscreen but she did not have much screen space , she just appeared for a few scenes . Same goes to Nayanthara , I just wish she was their the whole time . She had screen space of roughly about 30 mins in the film & Oh my Kadavuleyyyy it was just amazingly amazing to watch her play the role of Rathnamahadevi. The songs were not upto point , being a Santhosh Narayanan musical everyone expected more . The BGM was a really different attempt from the music director when compared to his other films . Story wise it was just above average and nothing much to talk about . Nothing felt intriguing and felt meh most of the time . The comedy given out by Karthi , Vivek and the rest made us smile and was good . For fans who love romantic scenes it should be an upset because their isn't any Romance portion in the film . Overall , A movie that has a good amount of mystery and less history . Just wished the story was better . An above average comical thriller


Iru Mugan Iru Mugan

Irumugan Review Irumugan is all about Akilan vs Love . Let it be any role , Vikram does it with beauty from a violent raw agent to a girlish type man . Wow ! He just nailed it. Talking about Nayanthara , even she showed her class acting which was very nice to watch. The only perk in her character was that her voice was completely different when compared to the first half . It felt like 2 different people dubbed in both the 1st and 2nd half . Nithya Menon was beautiful as ever , she is going places. She comes in every movie nowadays not just because of her beauty but also her acting skills. Everyone in the film had done well . Coming to the storyline . The first half was good with 2 twists in the end where the 2nd twist was quite predictable. With Tamil films nowadays having less runtimes (2 hours on avg) Irumugan had a runtime of over 2 and a half hours which made it really long. The story is also just on the average side. Anand could have made it more engaging. Not to forget Harris Jayaraj , The BGM was on point. The visuals of the song Halena were stunning while the song after the interval felt unwanted. Overall Great acting in an average entertainer with an average script


M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Dhoni : An Untold Story Movie Review Let's start off saying that this is the best biopic movie I have ever watched . Sushant Singh Rajput , A big salute to him ! Just mind blowing performance . From Dhoni's walking style to actions he just nailed them . Taking 6 months of cricket practice just for the film was really worth . Award winning performance The whole cast and crew did really really well . The director Neeraj Pandey , should be thanked for bringing an idea to make such a film . Amaal Mallik and the rest of the music directors who were part of this gave amazing BGM which gave the feels . A film that is a success from every way you see . Overall mind blowing performance in the best biopic I've ever watched , A movie where Goosebumps are guaranteed . A Must Watch !


Thodari Thodari

Thodari Movie Review The first thing to say that is Dhanush who is a very talented actor has become one of the best now but still the occupancy level of the theatre was very poor . With an occupancy level of over 400+ , there were only 50 people to watch the film which was quite disappointing. Coming to the movie , Dhanush's acting was really good while Keerthy Suresh also did a great job . Keerthy suresh without any makeup was very different compared to all other films she has acted . A bold attempt by her to look realistic , Kudos to her for that . The comedy scenes which were carried out by Thambi Ramaiah and Sathish were really boring , the comedy scenes just put up a smile and nothing much to laugh about . Radha Ravi also played a good role giving some few funny scenes here and there . The biggest complaint about the film is the graphics . They were just so unrealistic , specially the scenes on top of the train were just not true to life , just wished that they could have done better . Imman gave some good music and the BGM was also good but nothing to rave about . It matched the scenes , specially the romantic ones . The first half to be honest was a bit boring and felt quite long , it contained nothing but all comedy scenes and some romantic ones . The 2nd half was the one that turned everything around . With many thrilling scenes it was quite enjoyable to watch but if the graphics were done well it would have been better . Dhanush & Keerthy Suresh's love scenes were great and well played . Overall an enjoyable ride with some good thrills with some poor comedy scenes & great acting . A good watch


Remo Remo

Remo Movie Review Remo is a story about a guy who goes in a different getup in order to achieve his love , what else can I say . That is the whole story line , Simple as that . Coming to the hero , Remo being his 10th movie Sivakarthikeyan seems to be so matured as an actor & not to forget how beautiful he looked Wow ! He looked so beautiful with the Nurse getup , Even than Keerthy Suresh . Not underestimating her , even Keerthy Suresh looked so good and did her role with excellence . The comedy on the other hand was really really amazing . Sathish and Mottai Rajendran duo along with Sivakarthikeyan and others gave us the humour that we wanted , Pure entertainment ! The songs by Anirudh along with the visuals were stunning , applauses to Anirudh for giving such great music and the legendary Cinematographer PC Sreeram , should be applauded as well for giving Fantastic visuals . Really great ! Finally the captain of the ship Bakkiyaraj Kannan , being his first directorial venture has also done a good job . The only flaw with the movie was the Villian . Just a role wasted I would say . Overall a simple story yet very very entertaining film which will send you out with a smile . A must watch !