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  1. Kaashmora U/A

    Kaashmora Movie Review 
    This movie shows how good Karthi can act & is a very different attempt from the actor . Having to play 3 roles for a movie isn't an easy task but Karthi played them with perfection. The villainism portrayed by Karthi was really great . We are en route to every actor playing a villain as well in their films . Sri Divya on the other hand was really beautiful onscreen but she did not have much screen space , she just appeared for a few scenes . Same goes to Nayanthara , I just wish she was their the whole time . She had screen space of roughly about 30 mins in the film & Oh my Kadavuleyyyy  it was just amazingly amazing to watch her play the role of Rathnamahadevi. The songs were not upto point , being a Santhosh Narayanan musical everyone expected more . The BGM was a really different attempt from the music director when compared to his other films . Story wise it was just above average and nothing much to talk about . Nothing felt intriguing and felt meh most of the time . The comedy given out by Karthi , Vivek and the rest made us smile and was good . For fans who love romantic scenes it should be an upset because their isn't any Romance portion in the film . Overall , A movie that has a good amount of mystery and less history . Just wished the story was better . An above average comical thriller 


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