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  1. Iru Mugan U/A

    Irumugan Review
    Irumugan is all about Akilan vs Love . Let it be any role , Vikram does it with beauty from a violent raw agent to a girlish type man . Wow ! He just nailed it. Talking about Nayanthara , even she showed her class acting which was very nice to watch. The only perk in her character was that her voice was completely different when compared to the first half . It felt like 2 different people dubbed in both the 1st and 2nd half . Nithya Menon was beautiful as ever , she is going places. She comes in every movie nowadays not just because of her beauty but also her acting skills. Everyone in the film had done well . 
    Coming to the storyline . The first half was good with 2 twists in the end where the 2nd twist was quite predictable. With Tamil films nowadays having less runtimes (2 hours on avg) Irumugan had a runtime of over 2 and a half hours which made it really long. The story is also just on the average side. Anand could have made it more engaging. Not to forget Harris Jayaraj , The BGM was on point. The visuals of the song Halena were stunning while the song after the interval felt unwanted. Overall Great acting in an average entertainer with an average script   


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