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Shuayb Ghaffoor

Irumugan Review Irumugan is all about Akilan vs Love . Let it be any role , Vikram does it with beauty from a violent raw agent to a girlish type man . Wow ! He just nailed it. Talking about Nayanthara , even she showed her class acting which was very nice to watch. The only perk in her character was that her voice was completely different when compared to the first half . It felt like 2 different people dubbed in both the 1st and 2nd half . Nithya Menon was beautiful as ever , she is going places. She comes in every movie nowadays not just because of her beauty but also her acting skills. Everyone in the film had done well . Coming to the storyline . The first half was good with 2 twists in the end where the 2nd twist was quite predictable. With Tamil films nowadays having less runtimes (2 hours on avg) Irumugan had a runtime of over 2 and a half hours which made it really long. The story is also just on the average side. Anand could have made it more engaging. Not to forget Harris Jayaraj , The BGM was on point. The visuals of the song Halena were stunning while the song after the interval felt unwanted. Overall Great acting in an average entertainer with an average script (more)


Madhan Prabhu

Too many logic loopholes made this wannabe interesting thriller a below average film. Vikram this time had selected a better script but the director messed up in the second half; which turns as predictable and over the top towards climax. Technically the movie is sound with Harris Jeyaraj and RD Rajasekar gave their best. (more)


Arun Gowtham

Irumugan is definitely a watchable action drama sci-fi thriller. A little more care would have made it a superb watching experience. The believable factors in SCI-FI movies are always a worrying factor for Tamil audience, but still there are flaws with what Anand has set to his Irumugan. Harris saves a lot of dull moment with his BGM. To me this is his best work after Thuppakki. Nayanthara or Nithya Menen does their part well nothing to rave about as ppl say. (more)


Rubhan Raina

POSITIVES: 1. MR. Chiyaaan vikram the man gave as he does in all movies thr GAY character makes and satisfies the audience more than the manly physical role . vikram handsome looks in movie and he ried dance which worked out 2. different script choosen yeah thats a positive but the will this be accepted by tamil audience ????? 3. BGM rocks 4. cinematography VFX were given 100% 5.nayanthara she looked far better than in stupid thirunaal after arrambam im seeing nayan in good look and also nithya menon im basically a hater of her but this movie she looked good 6.HALENA song NEGATIVES: 1. the fight sequence which is to over hyping and looking supernatural .but yes they do have a reason fort that but to promise the people u need lot budget to give it clean as done in hollywood infact the fight watchable due to bgm 2. slow secong half WITH LOGIC ALSO missing in some portions NEUTRAL: 1. thambi ramayas comedy and also overall cmdys in movie makes me laugh at some time and then makes me just think why are they wasting time with these crap jokes 2. songs r coming in neutral due to HALENA and irumugan settai other wise it will be a negative . except these two songs others sucked 1ST HALF super u can enjoy it fight bgm joke all mixed perfect entertainer very thrilling interval enjoyed it mass scene - vikram intro and fight good scene-karunakaran explaining about the speed drug which is the main concept of story and then atonce nithya menon telling further about HITLER 2ND HALF: its basiclly slow and thesongs make them even slow the GAY character of vikram saves the second half the director anand couldnt take off the illogical scenes as due to the storyline .at sometimes it will test your patience with unwanted dialoges especially when nithya menon is upto die mass scene- HOSPITAL scene where villain vikram comes as nurse and doing all criminal activities in funny manner it just remember me of JOKER in batman good scene - nothing like that OVERALLL: its a one to two times watchable commercial+scientific flick in simple if u like the movie I. then u will love this one tooo . persons expecting too much logic will not like it . u can enjoy it with family its a dream flim and treat for vikram fans RATING 69% (more)


Vasanth Rajan

Really awesome movie vikram acting is fantastic don't Wait go &watch the movie in theatre (more)


Nanda Kumar M

Irumugan 1st half sema ... 2nd half little slow but worth watchable movie ... Vikram sir performance awesome... Bgm good ... (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

Irumugan Review : Mr.#vikram's Another Masterpiece performance oriented film but all other essential elements for the film missing. Story wise was ok but implemented and execution was not up to the mark by Director. First half very lengthy and too slow screenplay ll kill ur patience level to d core. But Interval Block was unexpected Twist and ll make audience to sit back for second half. Second Half Asual chase between Hero n villain .. but comparing to first half .. second half was watchable and bit okaish mode.. Story also k interesting part but screenplay was too low speed and moved like an scene by scene.. Main disappoint for the film is many logic scenes were missing in the film and even audience started murmuring in theatre for it :p Harris Jayaraj music totally three songs in film and among that two songs were good that is "Halena" and "Kannai vittu". But that too spoiled in visual's by director is High Disappointment. BGM wise good but one standardised BGM for d film composed by Harris and used for all scenes is big minus .. Highly saved d film is 1.Vikram's Performance and hard work seen in each frame and 2. Nayanthara Bang Stylish avatar and finally 3. for "LOVE" Verdict : Vikram is best and hard working actor in the industry and All directors please utilise his skills n deliver it. Once again Another film watch it for Mr.#Vikram's very hard working performance for both roles in the film. mostly it ll b an Average film in the BO. Rating : 2.5/5 (more)


Karthi Messi

Iru mugan my review Plus points Vikram and vikram(as ususal) Nayanthara,thambiramaiah Big plus harris bgm 1st half and climax Minus Little bit slower in starting of 2nd half Verdict 3.5/5 Athukum mela (more)


Sathish Kumar

It is not a very good movie,, not bad, Vikram's acting in love part with nayan is marvelous, that's all. (more)