Rajini Murugan Review - Lightweight and Harmless fun

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Jan/2016

Rajini Murugan Review - Lightweight and Harmless fun

Rajini Murugan - Lightweight and Harmless fun

Bharath Vijayakumar

A lightweight entertainer that knows its strength can provide you some jolly good time at the cinemas. Coming from a team that gave Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, you pretty much know that this would be the intention of Rajini Murugan, 



For a film that does not rely on it's plot, Rajini Murugan has got a handful of stories to tell. A lead pair whose love is under a cloud due to an adamant father, an old-man waiting to see his loved ones return from across the seas and a ruthless and eccentric money lender who crosses the path of the hero. Of course Sivakarthikeyan is the pivot in all the three.



The Sivakarthikeyan - Soori duo that worked so well in VVS replicates the camaraderie here. The laughs are consistent and both hold their ground well.The film should offer some respite to Soori who has been on a rough patch for sometime. The thing about the comedy in these films is you really cannot write down these scenes. It is all about how the actors carry them out. There is this scene where both imitate an act from Muthu and Siva mocks at Soori for his failed attempt in aping Pandu and then there is a stretch involving a test drive in an Audi with a convertible open top.

These are silly scenes. But the silliness is skilfully carried out and you actually laugh at the madness. Keerthi Suresh looks like that likeable actress who can carry out the job on hand without much fuss. Rajkiran is his self at places but most importantly has loosened himself and joined the fun when required to. Samuthirakani as the shameless bad man passes muster.



The film never gets into serious or emotional territory. Whenever it threatens to it throws up a googly and therein lies it's success. And the fun is almost always clean - if that is the right word. This is not a disrespect to adult humour but it is good to see it not being mixed in a film whose intentions are quite clear. Ponram did the same in VVS and this is a respite these days. The reference about the ban in Jallikattu is a screamer.Was it included in the dubbing? There is another brilliant comical scene involving Rajkiran that was supposed to be unanticipated. But I saw it from a distance, thanks to the trailer that had given this away. Most people did laugh at the cinemas but the trailer did rob off a wonderful moment from me. Makers, do think twice before cutting your trailers!!!  Did the film really need all those plots and sub plots? The runtime is more than what is warranted and the songs keep coming. The songs cover the checklist of intro, melody, folk, etc.They do sound different but there is a sense of sameness and monotony when they are viewed on screen. There is a mild attempt to emphasise the importance of preserving the roots. But nothing of that sort registers. You cannot call it a failed attempt as the film does not really try to do it seriously. It actually is a positive as you don't want to get preached in a fun film. This is where VVS scored a notch higher. It showed how parents desist love marriage not based on their own ideologies but for what society would think of them. That too was a fun film and had no specific dialogue to send this across.



Rajini Murugan is a product from a team which precisely knows its strengths. The biggest strength is that the team knows its limitations and never goes fishing into bigger or untested waters.

The result is an outing of harmless fun.


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