Rajini Murugan (U)
14/Jan/2016 Comedy, Drama 148 Mins

Rajini Murugan

Critics Review


Lightweight and Harmless fun

The film never gets into serious or emotional territory. Whenever it threatens to it throws up a googly and therein lies it's success. And the fun is almost always clean - if that is the right word. This is not a disrespect to adult humour but it is good to see it not being mixed in a film whose intentions are quite clear. Ponram did the same in VVS and this is a respite these days.(more)

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A fairly entertaining family drama

Ponram´┐Żs native dialogues, make people from the suburbs easily relate to the film. The film might trigger some to visit their ancestral place, spend some quality time with their family. But some scenes could make you feel like watching a soap opera.On the whole Rajini Murugan is a safe bet to bank your money on if you want to watch a film with no expectation but just to spend your two and a half hours laughing.(more)

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An entertainer that can be watched mainly for Sivakarthikeyan and Soori.

The film does not disappoint in comedy department, thanks to the proven chemistry of Sivakarthikeyan and Soori. They ensure that the film does not have a dull moment anywhere with constantly one-liners and counters that make us laugh. Even some other characters including Rajkiran have been used to make us laugh and these ideas planted by the director work out fairly well. (more)

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Overall, A passable commercial fare !

Rajini Murugan' is definitely not good as 'Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam'. But it has its own moments. The team has managed to deliver half of it. But still the history cannot be repeated. Siva karthikeyan's gimmicks work to an extent. Songs are so average. That is something negative. The length is also too draggy. This movie can be compared to Dhanush's 'Thangamagan'. Just like how the team failed to creat 'VIP' magic with 'Thangamagan', this team has failed to create 'VVS' magic with 'Rajini Murugan(more)

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