Thangamagan Review - A Neat Family Drama

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Dec/2015

Thangamagan Review - A Neat Family Drama

Thangamagan –  A Neat Family Drama

Bharath Vijayakumar

The striking aspect of 'Vellaiyilla Pattadhari' was that Velraj had packed it with moments for both 'the actor' and 'the star' in Dhanush to showcase his potential. It was a potent mix that worked wonders at the box office. Will Thangamagan that has the duo joining hands once again follow suit? 


An unforeseen tragedy brings the burden of running a family on a middle class youngster. 


Looks like Dhanush can do no wrong in playing these boy next characters and Thangamagan is another addition to this repertoire of his. The second half has him playing a family man and though he has done this too before, there is a tinge of differentiation that we sense in this performance of his. K.S. Ravikumar is brilliant as the timid and honest Government servant. Leave alone his directorial skills and this man can survive as an actor in his own. The striking aspect of Thangamagan is that the leading ladies have well written characters and both Samantha and Amy Jackson fit the bill. Sathish seems to be that comedian who cannot irritate you. You either laugh at his jokes or let them pass by. 

What works?

Velraj definitely has a pulse on the audience and his handling of the middle class scenario is right on the money. He is able to bring out entertainment from the most normal of happenings. The first half is brilliant. The way Amy's character is treated with dignity and not made to look like a selfish and arrogant rich girl deserves a pat on the back. It might not look a big deal but having such sensibility in a mainstream film featuring a leading hero is a step in the right direction and Kudos to Velraj for believing that a film that does pack in everything for the mainstream cinema watching public can still run around just two hours. The film deals with a simple tale and is treated too the same way. It is all glory when this happens. That is why it baffles you when you have a certain nonsensical punch dialogue followed by a BGM that is accompanied by lyrics that scream the the types of 'Thamizh'. The seriousness of the situation is diluted by these minor hiccups and attempts at juvenile humour on a baby faced villain. Velraj does seem to have two left feet when he sketches these villains. 


Had it weeded out the attempts to manufacture heroism Thangamagan would have been a brilliant family drama. As such it turns out to be a decent outing with a superb first half. 


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