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Sugavanaesh Sadagopan

Very weak storyline which is the biggest minus of the movie. Speaking about 1st half is very similar to the movie 3. suspense behind emotion in the very beginning of movie is not well handled in the second half . In the second half director tries mass but it looks like a flat drama. Dhanush as usual performers well. Surprise package of the movie is Samantha . Her performance is outstanding. Amy Jackson acts few and overacts more. Anirudh total disappointing . K s Ravikumar performance is outstanding and Radika , Sathish does their job well. On a whole, a very average movie watchable once. Disappointing movie from vip team better luck next time! (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Thangamagan didn't stand on its own Writing throughout while the Direction spared from a disaster. The could-have-been-a-disaster Flick ventured striking as TV soaps with no new or sparking Scenes set within to save it totally. With dissimilar mix of a Cast and expected Performers surprisingly pulling down the Movie, only an easily numerable set of moments from the Direction showed up to save it from a disaster. 1 star for those nice seconds. (more)


Abdul Ijaz

After the success of VIP, Dhanush is back with his VIP team to deliver Thangamagan. This movie ultimately turns out to be normal famil drama, which usually is seen in serials. Average script with neat perfomance by samantha and KSR only. Negative role is a major drawback, leading to a poor climax. Watchable first half and Boring Secondhalf makes thangamagan an average movie in the end. (more)


Arun Sundar

Thangamagan- what to say!! Bit of disappointment for me.Hard to fault the story but the screen play is not cohesive.That is the screenplay not being not tonally perfect.Dhanush and Velraj needed to discuss on how to bring justice to the story.Atleast the husband-wife interactions were most interesting and realistic.There are a quite some things to appreciate here like how situations are structured here involving director Ravikumar 's character but there is a cinematic approach in other key how the battle between cousin and Dhanush was conceived.towards the end of second half some predictive moments like wife pregnancy and rain fights.But dhanush manages to stand amidst the other disappointing.To satisfy the commercial tastes, he is made to mouth inane punch dialogues.As a result his characterisation does not have a perfect arc.With VIP, Velraj managed to convince audience with a more realistic blend of commercial elements.Here the same commercial elements stick out like a sore thumb.I found the dramatic aspect to be restrained and mature.Family audiences could like the film.The music is okay and bgm is good.Atleast not loud as in Kaaki Satan. Thumbs up to Anirudh . The leading ladies did well although there were some areas of improvement.Jayaprakash did well in the villain role...I could guess midway that he could be the villain. But to add more value to this career he needsto focus on roles like he did in Thegidi or Naan sigappu manithan. (more)


Bubblo Sheikh

Nothing int in this movie worst production of wunderbar,songs r gud nd samantha is the only artist who did her part well (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

Thanga Magan : As Expected Film turned out be a pucca Family Entertainment with Hi-Fi Romance too..!! Dhanush Performance classy in first stage of life n After marriage life guy role nailed it.. Great skill's in him n established in neat way n Main Pillar of the film.. !! Amy Jackson not much to say in acting skill's bt done her part.. Samantha another pillar of the film !! What an blowing performance through out her character.. Thamizh - Yamuna as pair Dhanush - Samantha lived like Real jodi n mind blowing Chemistry !! Romance between two in teras scene is best scene for their performance's ... K.S.Ravikumar n Radhika n Satish done good role n camera n all are good n Story wise just simple .. Velraj depend's highly this time with character performance's ... First Half Screenplay High Speed n Second Half turned as slow n revenge drama .. but Dhanush - Samantha pair highly saved d film with their combination .. "Anirudh Song's semmmma Theriiii " But failed to impress in Mass BGM .. It just turned as AVG BGM.. Since film screenplay lagged in Family oriented not as mass scenes'. expected much n bt nt fulfilled from anirudh in BGM. Final Verdict : It's Not Mass Film .. It's an purely "AN FAMILY MAN FILM".. Entertainment For Sure.. Film ll Be a HIT. Rating: 3/5 (more)


Kabir Basha

First half comedy .... 2nd half full entertainment total movie was family movie ... super to watch the movie (more)