ThangaMagan (U)
18/Dec/2015 Love,family 121 Mins


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

  1. ThangaMagan U

    Thanga Magan :
    As Expected Film turned out be a pucca Family Entertainment with Hi-Fi Romance too..!! Dhanush Performance classy in first stage of life n After marriage life guy role nailed it.. Great skill's in him n established in neat way n Main Pillar of the film.. !! 
    Amy Jackson not much to say in acting skill's bt done her part.. Samantha another pillar of the film !! What an blowing performance through out her character.. Thamizh - Yamuna as pair Dhanush - Samantha lived like Real jodi n mind blowing Chemistry !! Romance between two in teras scene is best scene for their performance's ...
    K.S.Ravikumar n Radhika n Satish done good role n camera n all are good n Story wise just simple .. Velraj depend's highly this time with character performance's ... First Half Screenplay High Speed n Second Half turned as slow n revenge drama .. but Dhanush - Samantha pair highly saved d film with their combination ..
    "Anirudh Song's semmmma Theriiii " But failed to impress in Mass BGM .. It just turned as AVG BGM.. Since film screenplay lagged in Family oriented not as mass scenes'. expected much n bt nt fulfilled from anirudh in BGM.
    Final Verdict : It's Not Mass Film .. It's an purely "AN FAMILY MAN FILM".. Entertainment For Sure.. Film ll Be a HIT.
    Rating: 3/5   


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