Shootout at Box Office (Oct 1, 2011)


Shootout at Box Office (Oct 1, 2011)

Many people may be familiar with Tarantino style climax sequence where all the leads engage in a bloody shoot out resulting in total mayhem (imagine Bheema climax or Reservoir Dogs). That's how the Box Office situation appears in Chennai this weekend. One anonymous insider quoted that Tamil film industry could have lost around Rs.5 Crores to Rs.10 Crores as a result of canibalistic attitude.


* Vedi stole prime screens from Mankatha as Sun Pictures was keen on capitalizing the next 3 weeks leading up to Diwali. This strategy backfired as Vedi got poor reviews from critics and masses.


 * Engeyum Eppodhum which was garnering good reviews had 2 new competitors in the form of Muran and Vaagai Sooda Vaa. All these 3 movies were going after the same target audience looking for meaningful cinema. Despite good intent and above average reviews, Muran and Vaagai Sooda Vaa lacked tight screenplay and crisp editing. Hence, initial signals suggest that these 3 movies will struggle to realize their true potential.


* Needless to say, recently released Aayiram Vilakku, Vanthaan Vendraan didn't have a chance as they had a free-fall down to just 1 screen.


* Kanchana and Ko are still hanging in there with steady revenue trickling in from half a dozen shows in small screens.


* In between all the mayhem, Deivathirumagal got shot down to just one show in one screen on its 75th day. 


Watch this space for Box Office infographs with facts and figures...

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