Examiner reports Rajinikanth's mania sweeps Japan

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Jun/2012

Examiner reports Rajinikanth's mania sweeps Japan

Rajinikanth's 'Robot' mania sweeps Japan

 (Bill Belew, Examiner)

Examiner reported an interesting article about Rajinikanth's mania sweeping Japan again. Here is the article reproduced from Bill Belew from Examiner,


Robot Mania grips Japan

It was reported on June 12, 2012, that Indian superstar Rajinikanth's blockbuster movie Robot was released to a thunderous response in Japan. The Japanese love Rajanikanth's films and he is well known for his film Muthu. Hence it is no surprise that Robot was welcomed with such a great response. Robot is a dubbed version of Tamil movie titled Endhiran. 


Robot was reportedly re-edited to two hours to suit the people in Japan. However, it became a rage in the country so much so that on popular public demand, the three hour version of the film is being screened at 1300 theatres across the country. Four weeks have gone, but it is still going strong. Robot is still competing with mainstream Japanese films. The song Irumbile has become an anthem and the Japanese are humming to it despite the language divide.

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