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Manisha R

I came across a new concept called Movie Analysis Services, sounds very interesting. It seems the blockbuster movie Thani Oruvan used Movie Analysis Services'. Does anyone know that this service is used in this movie? (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Firstly, I didn't want to rate this movie. After a Sci-fi try of Indru Netru Naalai, Puli accords with the Fantasy Genre. Puli utterly fails than Indru Netru Naalai and joins with the like of Irandaam Ulagam (But the Idea was a remake). Everything was a disaster and couldn't even be termed as amateurish but ugly and worse. It turned a negative, bad mark for Fantasy. Final words of mine pleads for no more on Fantasy as it would destroy the Genre's esteem if it goes on like this. (more)


Arun Sundar

Very disappointing to say the least.Watched first day first show..had such high hopes for this film...All came crashing down.The story was ok but screenplay was very average.1.75/5.Even the big revelation about Vijay ' s character can be easily guessed.Nothing special about this Puli at all!! (more)


Danu Shan

The film is PAKKA SUPER ENTERTAINMENT,go see the movie u will be ................. SUSPENCE (more)


Fast Ananth

supper movie with full of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more)


Anand Rajendran

Its a gud fantasy movie with some unwanted dialogs. Overall movie is gud. New to tamil cinema. Gud attempt by director and vijay for making a kids njoying film. (more)


Ricky Salman

It's best fantasy adventure movie in tamil cinema.. #vijay sir haters try to bring it down but it's not bcz it's holding strong in box office... and ppl campare to #bahubhali.. If u campare graphic and art works it's awesome .... #Puli is a great movie for kids and family also for adults ... tamil cinema getting closer to Hollywood range after #puli team works.. If u proud to be a tamilans ...U never try to bring it down ...ppl try for that ...bcz he #vijay sir became a king maker in box office ....hater's getting more jealous. .. well done #puli team ...cheers (more)


Kasun Dimunthu

This movie is copy from English movie . view is very good and beautiful all so vijay acting all so very good but this story is copy 75% from English movies 1975 came to the movie (more)


Råjêsh Ð Vj Åððîçt

padam parava ila child likes family entertiner and the pulivanter charter is good dsp is main reson to make a flim average chimuteven is waste avana yaru enga taliver ah vachu padam edutanu (more)


Viswajit Kumar

good family entatainer. see with kids and family .good vfx effect (more)


Sivabalan TJ

One star for Vijay. Not just a disaster adhukum mela. skip it and save your time ! (more)


Ahamed Shiffer

I am a vj fan but never excepted him to act sucah a movie with such a script where there is no logic. furhter he shudnt have acted this movie, now i get it he do have acted for his political appearance its shame to be a such a fame. i wish he better do politics rather for cinema industry. all his movies include public sentiment wth??? isnt he capable of going for a new script. sura, thalaiva, thiruppaachi, jilla, and now puli is he a god to fly and help ppl??? an ordinary person its too lame. go for a better script i feell i wasted the money on him never gonna watch his movies hereafter. (more)


Arun Gowtham

Puli - Boring fantasy masala entertainer Plot: A young man Marudheeran (Vijay) attempts to save his love lady and his people from a group of evil people called Vedhalam. His journey to Vedhalam's fort helps him to discover his true identity which forms the crux of the story. Cast & Crew : Vijay, as Marudheeran is the sole person carrying the whole movie in his shoulder through his screen presence. Other ensemble cast including Shruthi Haasan, Sudheep, Sridvevi, Hansika and Prabhu has nothing to offer big. Devi Sri Prasad's music is loud. Art diretcor Muthuraj, Cinematographer Natraj and VFX team has done a decent job. Outdated Approach: The real problem with puli is outdated screenplay and lazy editing. A lot of scenes was intended to bring laugh but it doesn't serves its actual purpose. The movie started gaining its momentum only when Marudheeran begins his journey to Vedhalam's fort with his friends, from there the movie explores some fantasy elements which was quite interesting. The formulaic 6 song popping up here and there slows down the pace of movie which is already moving in a snail pace . Director Chimbudevan doesn't cared for artificial/forced elements which is backfiring the film additionally. The looks of flash back vijay is totally artificial, it might looked powerful in writing but in screen the looks and dialogue delivery of the flash back vijay does not have the real power that supposed to have and some political intended dialogues does not sync with the movie. Bottom line: A Fantasy Masala entertainer which is actually boring. Watchable only for its few interesting fantasy elements and Vijay. (more)


Naveen Kumar

The movie is a new treat and i am sure that those people who entered the theater without any expections must be fulfilled. They must realize the truth that this is puli and not baahubali. (more)


Prabhas Smile

worth watching.. you can feel the graphics which ll impress you. clearity of the movie is awesome even in 2k digital cinemas. overall.. movie is pakkka fantasy adventure comedy!!!! (more)


Trulok Chandar

A Very dissappointment film . I loved VJ anna's Performance . Plus- Comedy , VFX n Cinematography Pakka Mass Negative - No storyline , Drowning Screenplay , Long Drawned Climax. But also watched For Thalapathy (more)


Harsha Vardhan Vijayakumar

great design of VFX and the vijay acting was very impressive its a good movie (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

Puli The Movie Puli Film on whole tried to attract d family audience n children's But the truth is highly disappointment film for all for class ppl n mainly Ilaiyathalapathy Fan's .. Vijay tried to give different attempt with this film but not made sufficient effort from the director side to fullfilled it.. Story wise concept ok but screenplay highly lacks n not wisely narrated it. Graphics n palace set's n background's n location n small chittra kullan's all are good but majority is Screenplay n Content is highly down n major thing in film is kept many punch's(Directly to ruling party political punches made ppl to lose their patience to sit inside theatre in last 30 min's) n Heroine's Hansika Motwani n Shruti Haasan both are soooo pretty n dressed up like doll's n Shruthi haasan one step ahead looks sooo beautiful nothing much to perform it. Suddep nee villain ahhh pesama poidu no comments.. n Finally Sridevi not worth Re-Entry to Tamil Cinema.. Songs Yendi Yendi was the highlight song of the film n beautiful visualisation n Bgm nthng much !! Verdict: It's Highly Disappointed Film and not worthwatching too From Dir.Chimbudevan n more over it looks soo not kind chimbudevan content n screenplay..Highly made this venture to attack politics .. Thalapathy stop doing this kind of issues n make memorable venture in ur future project.. This review posted as neutral one n I'm Die hard fan of Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay.. Hope so Sure Shot Hit in Atlee-Thalapathy combo .. Rating:2.5/5 (more)


Vasanth Raj

Super Fantasy entertainer. Even Vijay hater would love this movie. some vedalam's (opponents) ;) may compare this with baahubali. That goes in Serious path. Puli goes in comic path. Vijay mass screen presence is huge plus. He rocks in both roles and his dance will be mercel. all the supporting cast does their part well. VFX is bit let down for me but with this budget they have done good job. Shruthi is too glamorous. DSP . The movie is recommended to watch for any age group from kids to adults. My Rating is 4. (more)