Reviews by Vasanth Raj
  1. Kabali
    Kabali U

    Kabali - a class and mass gangster drama. Rajinikanth delivered his best, screenplay could have been better. Still the movie is good to watch. A Ranjith type movie for Rajinikanth.      

    Metro A

    interesting movie about chain snatching and how a youngster was forced to take a evil path because of "Peraasai". Must watch for everyone.      

    Iraivi U/A

    Kudoss to Karthik Subbaraj for a bold theme which so far to my knowledge only few directors like Balachandar and Selvaraghavan does. A movie that focus on women and the issues she faces because of men. Only disappointing factor is , Karthik Subbaraj does not show much space for the women and after all every women is shown as depressed failed and man continues to do wrong things. When a director like Karthik Subbaraj who known for making realistic film this movie was more like dramatic in the end than realistic. SJ suryah What an actor he is , if there are few reasons why you should watch Iraivi, He should be one among them. Where are you all these days? Technically movie is strong. Overall a must watch film.       

    Marudhu U/A


    KO 2
    KO 2 U

    one of the worst movie i have watched. None of the cast have performed. First half is totally a let down, director fails to keep it engaged. Few political dialogues were good in second half. apart from that and Leons music nothing to say about this flick. Below average thumbs down      

    Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum
    Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum U

    If you are expecting a Soodhu Kavvum you might be disappointed. A feel good film not so engaging. Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastin saves the show with their performances. Santhosh Naraynan Music is repetitive. Once Watchable.      

    Pichaikkaran U


    Kanithan U

    Good concept on fake certificates but the director doest not keep up the momentum. Biggest drawback is the music department poor songs and BGm which doesnt elevate the movie at any cost. Catherine tresa looks good. Adharva Performs well. Director should take good technicians next time in his movie.