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Gold comfort

The biggest problem, though, is the fatally ineffective cast. Bobby Simha plays the leader of a chain-snatching gang, and he's laughable when issuing threats. As in Iraivi, he pays lip service to women, but with a twist. Ladies naa God maadhiri.[pause for effect] Kudukkara dheivam. and would you bel...(more)

Source: BARADWAJ RANGAN, The Hindu


A stylishly captivating Simha makes it worth a watch

Metro, with a stylishly captivating Simha and individual performances that don�t tip overboard into melodrama, is one of the better Tamil movies to have emerged in recent months. As a document of a serious malady that affects our consumerist society, it is certainly worth a watch this weekend.(more)

Source: Gautaman Bhaskaran,, Hindustan Times


Metro is brutally honest; it could have been a thrilling ride with a tighter screenplay

The tone and nature of the content are not clearly meant for family audience and faint hearted. On a final note we wish the director had paid a sharpened focus to the screenplay. A better execution could have helped this fare fly a notch higher.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


A No-nonsense Thriller that grips you

�Metro� is good on the execution, but some glaring loopholes in the screenplay pull it down from becoming a great film.Go for the realistic portrayal of a real life menace, chain snatching that Is told in a raw and fast paced manner.(more)

Source: IndiaGlitz , IndiaGlitz.com


Source: Prashanth, Prashanth


Source: Karthick Krishna, The Hindu

User Reviews


Arun Sundar

There are places where the film plods along and has some issues with logic. But it is a gritty, dark and stomach churning thriller. Can be definetely watched once. (more)



Metro , a simple & good movie the chain snatching scenes are well made (more)


Manu Prabhas

Dark side of Metro cities, this is really an interesting film captured the motives behind such cruel acts and how their network works. Liked the way bobby explain the difference between theif and others . Worth a watch. The new actor had done his part well. for villain someone else could have done a... (more)


Vasanth Raj

interesting movie about chain snatching and how a youngster was forced to take a evil path because of "Peraasai". Must watch for everyone. (more)

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