Ahamed Shiffer




Puli Puli

I am a vj fan but never excepted him to act sucah a movie with such a script where there is no logic. furhter he shudnt have acted this movie, now i get it he do have acted for his political appearance its shame to be a such a fame. i wish he better do politics rather for cinema industry. all his movies include public sentiment wth??? isnt he capable of going for a new script. sura, thalaiva, thiruppaachi, jilla, and now puli is he a god to fly and help ppl??? an ordinary person its too lame. go for a better script i feell i wasted the money on him never gonna watch his movies hereafter.


Thani Oruvan Thani Oruvan

After a very long time ever ravi has done a superb movie. this is effing addictive da screenplay is simply awesome all had their best salt and pepper ingredienst with such an exclusive entertainment till da end. hats off for the entire team especially arvind saamy