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  1. Puli U

    Puli - Boring fantasy masala entertainer
    Plot: A young man Marudheeran (Vijay) attempts to save his love lady and his people from a group of evil people called Vedhalam. His journey to Vedhalam's fort helps him to discover his true identity which forms the crux of the story.
    Cast & Crew :  Vijay, as Marudheeran is the sole person carrying the whole movie in his shoulder through his screen presence. Other ensemble cast  including Shruthi Haasan, Sudheep, Sridvevi, Hansika and Prabhu has nothing to offer big.  Devi Sri Prasad's music is loud.  Art diretcor Muthuraj, Cinematographer Natraj and VFX team has done a decent job. 
    Outdated Approach: The real problem with puli is outdated screenplay and lazy editing.  A lot of scenes was intended to bring laugh but it doesn't serves its actual purpose. The movie started gaining its momentum only when Marudheeran begins his journey to Vedhalam's fort with his friends, from there  the movie explores some fantasy elements which was quite interesting. The formulaic 6 song popping up here and there slows down the pace of movie which is already moving in a snail pace .  
    Director  Chimbudevan doesn't cared for artificial/forced elements which is backfiring the film additionally. The looks of flash back vijay is totally artificial, it might looked powerful in writing but in screen the looks and dialogue delivery of the flash back vijay does not have the real power that supposed to have and some political intended dialogues does not  sync  with the movie.
    Bottom line: A Fantasy Masala entertainer which is actually boring. Watchable only for its few interesting fantasy elements and Vijay.    


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