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A Roaring Whimper

There is a certain period in the film that extends on either side of the interval which is very good and shows what Chimbudevan is capable of. The dwarfs, the puzzle like clues to reach the destination and some very good comedy in this stretch is the best that Puli has to offer. The portions before and after this range from silliness,mediocrity and overblown heroism that fail to connect whatsoever. The 'Vedhalams' concept seems to have been wasted. (more)

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A crisper script and a lighter directorial hand is what are missing here. Alas, it's a fantasy film without any of the fun and excitement that ought to go with it. (more)

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Puli is a lavishly made mainstream fantasy entertainer with good visual effects which should be encouraged

The film moves along at a pretty leisurely pace, and one can't go in expecting a racy ride from start to finish. The ending could have been better, as it is too frenetic. Weighing all the positives and negatives, Puli is ultimately an effort which needs to be positively considered. (more)

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Vijay's film is a visual treat, but the screenplay is disappointing

While the genre of Puli many be new to Tamil cinema, the screenplay by director Chimbu Devenis a big let-down. The story is not something new and it moves at such a slow pace that it gets tiring to watch in places. We have seen Vijay in similar roles earlier, except that it wasn't in the fantasy genre. (more)

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Vijay's fantasy drama is a fantastic flop

Production values are uneven, and some of the mythical sequences look pretty much amateurish. And, in the end, we wonder what the plot was about. You could say that it was about an evil commander who terrorised a territory under him, till a wisp of a man came along to beat him at his own game. Yawn, yawn, we have seen this a million times on screen.(more)

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Puli is a fantasy but its failing is that it is told in an amateur fashion.

The film works as a visual extravaganza, but it fails to entertain. Even Vijay fans may find it hard to lap up his snazzy song-routine. Sridevi's arched eyebrows are more expressive than the rest of her. Hansika and Shruti only wiggle their backsides and shake their bellies. Aah, even that's disappointing.(more)

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A colourful diversion for undemanding kids

If Chimbu Deven�s brief was to create a colourful diversion for undemanding children, then Puli, starring Vijay, must be counted as some sort of success. Through his career, the director has pitched his tent a couple of feet away from the mainstream � here too, his quirky inventiveness is charming. It isn�t just that an interlude in this chosen-one-saves-the-world saga features little people.(more)

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Fails to impress

Director Chimbu Deven is known for his simple, yet unconventional films, most of which have done quite well. But working with a mass hero like Vijay seems to have taken its toll. (more)

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Even a die hard Vijay fan should stay away from this unintentionally hilarious fantasy film!

You must have heard the caption 'Save the tiger'. Well this tiger aka Puli is sure to be hunted down by critics and I advice you to save yourselves and stay away from Vijay's Puli if you want to maintain your sanity. (more)

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