Komban vs Nanbenda - Intensifying Battle

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Apr/2015

Komban vs Nanbenda - Intensifying Battle

Komban vs Nanbenda Controversy - Intensifying Battle 

The last few days have seen ugly turn of events for Komban with a lot of finger pointing. The episode has resulted in a showdown between these two releases this week -- Komban and Nanbenda. Here are the viewpoints as observed by respective entities.


Komban's View of Release Issues 

Komban team openly came out during a press meet that the release issues are not necessarily because of caste politics or bad portrayal of "Nadar" community. Studio Green hinted the problem is specifically due to the release date of April 2nd. Studio Green mentioned that these problems disappeared as soon as the release date was moved to March 27th and re-emerged again when the release date was pushed out to April 2nd. This was indirect reference to clash with Udhayanidhi's Nanbenda release this week. Komban team is also facing other issues from unknown angles including securing prestigious billboard space at Satyam theatre. Meanwhile as a welcome development the film fraternity has united to stand up in support for Komban.


Nanbenda tries to distance from Komban controversy

Nanbenda team feels their name is dragged into Komban issue unnecessarily. Nanbenda announced their release date on the much coveted first Friday of summer holidays. Nanbenda had booked the theatres and screens well in advance almost 6 weeks ago. Hence, Nanbenda team is naturally upset about this clash despite announcing the release date well in advance. They also pointed out that detractors are stoking some controversies to get media attention and sympathy wave to create buzz for Komban.


Will the battle persist post-release?

Both these warring entities are not strangers to controversies. In the past, Studio Green had not shied away from setting up clash of Karthi movies against leading hero movies. Also, Udhayanidhi drew a lot of flak from Vijay's fans for causing release issues for Kavalan. We will have to see if these indirect conflicts will persist post-release.

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