Nanbenda Songs Review - Familiar Melody


Nanbenda Songs Review - Familiar Melody

Nanbenda Music/Songs Review

After hitting an all-time career low in Harris-Udhayanidhi's previous outing Idhu Kadhirvelan Kadhal, this time the composer has come back with pumped up beats, priming up the tempo and orchestration. Just as many other Harris albums, this one will also be panned by critics for the strong deja-vu feel. However, the mixing has usual trademark Harris' freshness in sound quality. Expect the technical values, foreign locations and the choreography of songs to make this a breezy album along the same lines of OKOK.


Enai Marubadi Marubadi  | Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Megha | Lyrics: Madhan Karky  

Vijay Prakash owns this song throughout with his effortless singing. The background tracks and beats are set to familiar tunes. The song is intercepted with the quirky track bits recognizable in one of the teasers. The female vocalist joins in between the album to do some humming and chorus tracks. (Listen Here)


Oorellaam Unnai Kandu  | Vocals : Bombay Jayashri, P. Unnikrishnan | Lyrics: Vairamuthu 

This is a song that will grab the attention during the first listen due to basic melody pattern and structure, backed by western Carnatic rhythms, unhurriedly rendered by Unni Krishnan and Bombay Jayashri. The song blends carnatic interludes well. Surprisingly enough, even Vairamuthu has also kept his lyrics extremely uncomplicated for this song. Pick of the album for its sheer simplicity. (Listen Here)


Nee Sunno New Moono | Vocals: Andrea Jeremiah, Mili Nair | Lyrics: Pa Vijay 

This style of song is Harris’ forte backed by energetic beats, Tanglish lyrics, anglicized singing and melody track to hold it all together. When you listen to the song, you will know that the foreign locations and western dancers are mandatory additions to this song. (Listen Here)


Neeraambal Poovae | Vocals: Arjun Menon, Rap - MC Vickey | Lyrics: Thamarai 

Yet another pleasant melody song mixed with rap additions by MC Vickey. Thamarai has penned this song for Harris’ music after a short gap. The song running for 2:45 minutes is short and effective.  (Listen Here)


Dappankuthu Mettula | Vocals : Bala, Ujjayinee Roy | Lyrics: Vijaya Sagar 

Gaana song has become a standard fixture in almost every Harris album recently. The background instruments and Gana Bala song has strong resemblance to "Aathangara Orathil" from forgettable Yaan. The song appears to have been picked up from the rejected scrap tracks from Yaan. (Listen Here)


Thaene Thaene Sendhaene | Vocals: Haricharan, Pravin Saivi | Lyrics: Muthukumar 

Another good song sung excellently by Haricharan with all the typical Harris ingredients in right measures. If one doesn’t listen to the lyrics, one may not realize that this song is a pathos song. (Listen Here)


Rating : 3/5


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