Idam Porul Eval Songs - Music Review


Idam Porul Eval Songs - Music Review

Idam Porul Eval Music Review
- Akilan Nagarajan, Reviewpuram

Eerakkaathae  (Listen Here) This is Yuvan getting back to his Paruthiveeran days, and very convincingly as well. Singer Anitha gets everything right with her rendition, and so does Senthildass. The interludes are pure bliss, thanks to the serene tune of the whistles. This is earthy folk music at its best, with a slight classical twist. A brilliant start to the album!


Vaiyambatti (Listen Here)

This is quite a heavy folk number, with an unpredictable tune. Anthony Dasan entertains throughout, with immense support from Priyadarshini. The resemblance to “Ennodu Va” from Thirudan Police, is striking. A situational song, which doesn’t quite add up as a standalone in an album.

Kurunthogai    (Listen Here)

Vairamuthu’s playful lyrics are taken to a another loveable level with some interesting folkish arrangements. The orchestration here, in particular, is uncanny and something one wouldn’t expect from Yuvan in his current form. A true surprise, if one could call it that.


Kondaatamae (Listen Here)

A lifting track for what it is, this is pure stuff from a Yuvan who is devoid of all unwanted sounds, in a simple yet gorgeous form. He has captured the essence of the mood with the precise fervour, though sounding capricious in a good way.


Atthuvaana Kaatukku  (Listen Here)

Yuvan brings out the pain one experiences on the loss of a mother, with utmost sincerity. Vairamuthu is at his haunting self, again. The recurrent background instruments make sure that the song never drops the pace. There are goosebumps-inducing moments as well, which are sure to look even more convincing with visuals. This is one track which will leave a lingering stamp in your mind.


Endha Vazhi (Listen Here)

The female version of Yuvan’s Atthuvaana Kaatukk, rendered with a hefty core by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. The solemnity of the situation is brought out really well by the rusty tune. An unpleasant track, which holds the same reason as its USP.



This album shows how well Seenu Ramaswamy has incited Yuvan to push his existing limits, and get back to his earlier, unflinching, innovative self. Calling this his comeback vehicle would be an understatement. In actuality, this is pure, vintage Yuvan Shankar Raja. The very composer we loved to celebrate for his topical presentations. With both the duets and solos working out big time, this is a captivating album, which is enhanced by Vairamuthu’s intense play of words.

A winner, in one word.

Rating: 3.75/5

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