Bramman Review - A disappointing creation

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Feb/2014

Bramman Review - A disappointing creation

Bramman Review - A disappointing creation 

Bharath Vijayakumar

Sasikumar has often been synonymous with success irrespective of whether he directs, acts or produces.  With the exception of probably Easan, all his films garner at least one of the two – critical acclaim or commercial success. His previous outing as actor( Kutti Puli) supposedly managed to have a say at the box office despite thrashing reviews. This time he teams up with debutant director Socrates. Will his success streak continue?



Once again it is about Sasikumar and friendship. In a nutshell it is about a dutiful friend who is ready to give up anything for his friendship. Two friends are separated at their childhood for the flimsiest of reasons that you can imagine. Both have an everlasting fervour towards cinema. While one of them becomes a well known director the other one runs a movie theatre which is down in the dumps. The one in trouble decides to seek the help of his long lost friend. Whether the friends reunite is what Bramman is about.


The plot you read just now is reserved almost entirely for the second half. What you have in the lead up to this in the earlier half is a futile attempt to entertain you. Sasi has obviously gone for a makeover with designer clothes and coolers. But this has no significance to the character he plays. The typical commercial hero entry, breezy duets in lush foreign locations and a needless stunt sequence. It is not a sin to try and woo the masses. But at least the plot should be a suitable one to showcase these. When the essence of the film is about an emotional bond between two friends all these gimmicks add up to your woes in the first half. The exasperating impact on the audience is even more because these are done with the least finesse. Your sympathies for a character on screen rely on the credibility of the characterization. In Bramman just to glorify Sasi’s value for friendship his friend’s (Naveen Chandra) character is treated shabbily. In the actual sense Naveen’s character does no wrong in the film. But we have dialogues hurled at him in the climax by Santhanam that imply otherwise. This is a film that tries to squeeze out emotions from you by faking an utterly stupid action of the hero as a heart wrenching occasion with the assistance of the stereotypical BGM that you should now be familiar with. How else do you justify the hero blindly hoping that he would meet ‘his girl’ and then run behind a bus chasing her? Is mobile phone an unknown commodity in Chennai?  At the end all the sympathy you have is saved for yourself to be enduring this. With both Santhanam and Soori on board the least you expect is your share of laughs. But even that seems too much to ask for as hardly two or three occasions lighten you up. The only solace of the film is that the director seemingly aware of the  confusion of the audience as to why the film was titled ‘ Bramman’ has a dialogue at the end that spoon feeds us the reason.



Caught between a meandering first half and an artificially emotional second half, Bramman ends up in no man's land.



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